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Microsoft Teams Kills Wikis, Replaces With OneNote

The imminent end-of-life for Sharepoint On-Premise means SharePoint Online is the collaboration platform companies need to migrate to. Here are the steps to understand how Microsoft Teams and SharePoint work together — and how to use them better.

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Five Perspectives on a Year of Remote Work

March 11th marks the 1 year milestone when COVID-19 impacted the United States and all Americans in ways we could not have foreseen. Some reflection on how StitchDX was impacted.

The New Digital Workplace Model - credit Erick Straghalis, StitchDX
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The New Digital Workplace Model: Will Microsoft Teams Replace Intranets?

Microsoft Teams is rapidly changing the Digital Workplace. With the pandemic forcing millions to work from home, Teams has quickly become the primary tool for organizational communication and collaboration, threatening to impact your corporate intranet as the “hub of the digital workplace”. What is the role of the intranet in this new workplace model? Can these two “hubs” work together? How will this impact the employee experience?

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Microsoft Teams “New Conversation” Button

Microsoft Teams has replaced the conversation text field with a “New conversation” button. Now, to initiate a new conversation, users…