Prime Risk Partners

Employee Experience — Digital Workplace 


  • Two-day onsite discovery workshop to gather input and build stakeholder confidence
  • Fully customized strategy and development plan that met customer requirements.
  • Complete set of designs including functional specifications and technical requirements


Prime Risk Partners (PRP) contacted StitchDX for help with their digital workplace strategy. As an insurance conglomerate comprising four related but separate subsidiaries, PRP needed help creating a digital workplace that could serve as a unifying cornerstone for the many disparate platforms PRP employees needed to do their work. A digital workplace that could support PRP’s “one brand” initiative was particularly important, as they were growing aggressively through an acquisition and roll-up strategy of existing, independent insurance brokers.


During a two-day onsite discovery workshop, StitchDX led the PRP team through a series of activities which resulted in an in-depth understanding of their user needs and a draft information architecture. Using this knowledge, the StitchDX team designed a multi-phase development strategy, starting with corporate communications and human resources information, then increasingly more complex functionality in later stages. The entire system used taxonomy and permissions-based access to provide users the right information at the right time.

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