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Powell Software Solutions

A comprehensive suite of Digital Workplace products to help you realize the full potential of Microsoft 365

Microsoft + StitchDX + Powell
A powerful partnership for best-in-class Digital Workplace solutions

Combining Powell’s best-in-class software with our own deep expertise in Digital Workplace and knowledge of Microsoft 365, we deliver the right solutions for your business. Our proprietary Discovery and Design process results in a deep understanding of your requirements, so you know you have been heard.

Powell Teams

Your Teams—only better

The latest Digital Workplace product from Powell Software is an integrated app for Microsoft Teams that optimizes user experience and automates governance processes. This application is a third-party tool that can assist an organization by providing templates, which can be revised at any time to ensure the most simplified and optimal experience.

The smart user dashboard keeps everyone up-to-date on all the recent activities, tags, added files. and conversations. All personal activity can be tracked with the administration dashboard to provide insights and analytics, and strengthen governance.

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The State of the Digital Workplace

A research report from StitchDX & Powell Software

Powell Intranet

The all-in-one modern intranet solution built for SharePoint

Powell Software drives digital transformation with Powell 365, the integrated intranet solution that transforms the user experience and boosts communication, business productivity, and collaboration. This tool can be used as a framework to build portals quickly and maintain them over time.

Powell 365 is an evergreen solution supported by Powell Manager that seamlessly integrates with all Microsoft 365 features and SharePoint 2016. Multilingual (>60 languages) content management further empowers internal communication.

Powell Manager

Manage your intranet with ease.

Powell Manager is a provisioning tool that makes it very simple to create a Digital Workplace from scratch. An enterprise portal can be designed and deployed in less than one month by tailoring ready-made templates without any code or by creating a fully personalized version.

This highly customizable solution ensures your users can simply drag and drop elements to create exactly the intranet they want, with the possibility to empower your company brand internally by aligning it with your portal theme.