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Start Fast, Look Long:

How a Digital Workplace MLP and your business evolve together by design

Tuesday, May 25 • 11am – Noon ET

StitchDX Powell Software Digital Workplace Webinar Start Fast, Look Long
Speakers Erick Straghalis President, Chief Strategist – StitchDX
Lorne Phelps Senior Account Executive – Powell Software

Even more than a year into the pandemic, so many businesses still need a better Digital Workplace solution.

They need it to be up and running quickly. But they also need technology that’s ready to evolve as business objectives change over the long term. (Because they will.)

They think they can’t have both. But they CAN.

Attend this StitchDX/Powell Software webinar on Tuesday, May 25 to learn how a Digital Workplace that’s strategized and implemented with our unique MLP (“Minimum Lovable Product”) process delivers:

  • A solution that provides quickly essential functionalities — and more — without being “cookie cutter.”
  • A collaborative planning approach that accounts for immediate needs and takes the long view.
  • Technology that employees quickly embrace and integrate into their daily work lives.
  • Future customization options to keep pace with your business over the years ahead.

Join us May 25 at 11 am ET and learn about this unique (and PROVEN) approach to Digital Workplace strategy and implementation. It may lead to the solution you’ve been waiting for.


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