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Reduce Sprawl. Define Governance. Use Teams Better.

As organizations have rapidly adopted Microsoft Teams to support remote work, too many of them have neglected governance and lifecycle management protocols — increasing their risk exposure.

Your Teams Health Check includes:

  • Microsoft Teams governance and lifecycle management audit
  • A dashboard with detailed governance metrics for your Teams instance
  • An action plan for improved governance
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Is Teams out of control?

If your organization is struggling to manage your Microsoft Teams environment, you’re not alone. Recent surveys* have shown that:

  • Each employee has created at least one team on average.
  • 41% of teams may have been inactive for over 90 days.
  • 22% of teams have on average fewer than 2 owners.

Unchecked Teams sprawl is a PRODUCTIVITY RISK.

  • Employees struggle to find the tools and content they need.
  • Lack of consistent naming conventions limits search effectiveness.
  • Version control and duplicative documents create time-wasting confusion.

Unchecked Teams sprawl is a SECURITY & COMPLIANCE RISK.

  • Vetting guest access without authorization
  • Unspecified inactive and/or public teams
  • Teams with missing owners
  • Teams with no users

It’s time to regain control of your Teams Environment

In just 1 day, your Microsoft Teams Health Check will deliver to you a full governance/lifecycle management audit of your Teams environment. You’ll quickly learn:

  • How many teams are in your tenant
  • Your risk exposure, including:
    • Teams with guest access
    • Public teams
    • Teams with missing owners
    • Inactive teams

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* Surveys conducted by Powell Software