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Digital Solutions for HR

Make policies and information more accessible, drive company culture, and centralize onboarding across every department.

Workplace Solutions

Digital employee engagement platform: unify and connect everyone, everywhere.

Drive employee engagement, while making important content and information readily available to everyone. Build an employee experience that unifies your data into a single pane of glass, to inform, equip, and celebrate your people (while maintaining security and governance in your Microsoft environment.) Create customized onboarding experiences to ensure new hires hit the ground running quickly, provide immersive training environments for everyone, and ensure employees are well informed and engaged with gamification and required-reading content.. Plus, with AI-enhanced digital workplace tools like chat bots from Powell Software, make searching for answers about policy and other information easy!

Workplace Services

  • Intranet Design & Strategy
  • HR Knowledge base
  • AI augmented search
  • Best practices & Recommendations
  • Gamification & Peer Recognition
  • Onboarding & Training Experiences

Workplace Technologies

  • Microsoft 365
  • SharePoint & Teams
  • Powell Software
  • HRIS Integrations

HR Solutions Case Studies


Digital Workplace

OBSI desired a better platform to give their employees a consistent user experience and access to the information they need to execute the organization’s mission. StitchDX replaced their intranet with a modern digital workplace that provided a foundation for future growth and rapid response to changing circumstances.

Our proprietary Discovery & Design process resulted in an intranet with a dynamic news page and easy page creation and modification. BNC’s new intranet became the communication hub for their COVID-19 response for employees across more than 450 stores.


Digital Workplace

To accommodate rapid pandemic-related growth and inefficient utilization of Teams, StitchDX developed “The Hive” — a centralized employee “dashboard” that streamlined ApiJect’s communication and collaboration.

StitchDX led workshops to understand how Aspire collaborates and communicates across their office and field staff. We helped streamline processes in a modern digital workplace, with community spaces for sharing wins, and engaging employees at every level — with greater buy-in and investment among employees.

Princess House

Digital Workplace

Princess House engaged StitchDX to strategize and implement a solution to power a dramatic shift from all-in-house to all-remote work while delivering continuity to customers and partners.

Prime Risk Partners

Digital Workplace

PRP engaged us to help digitally unify subsidiaries and recent acquisitions. We helped define their key user types, then created the cohesive and comprehensive technical documentation needed to design and build their perfect Digital Workplace.

Frontline Source Group

Digital Workplace

Frontline Source Group asked StitchDX to quickly develop an intranet to fit their growing needs. Learn how we deployed “The Frontline” (the name of their intranet) and configured the entire site within weeks.