Brand first

Engage more meaningfully every day with your key
stakeholders: your employees and your customers.

Maximize employee and customer engagement.
Maximize business results. 

As we see it, your organization’s digitally driven growth relies on meaningful engagement with ALL of your stakeholders. Employees as well as customers. The people you work with and the people you work for. 

…And it starts with us engaging meaningfully with YOU.

StitchDX Stakeholder Meeting

Begin by listening.

When you work with StitchDX, you’ll join us on a deep dive into your organization—its history and mission, its values and brand, its employee and customer personas, its performance track record, its technology, and of course, its vision for future growth.

These deep business insights are priceless, whether you’re seeking to better engage your employees or your customers. They inform the StitchDX strategic, brand-first approach to building employee experience (EX) and customer experience (CX) for your organization.

Employee & Customer Experiences Built Around Your Brand

Putting your brand first means unifying your mission and vision with the operations and actions that your organization needs to execute with excellence daily. StitchDX weaves together digital tools, data, content, and proven practices to place your brand promise front-and-center for your employees and customers:

  • Our innovative, Microsoft 365/Sharepoint/Teams-based Digital Workplaces make your people the priority, so they can make your business their
  • Our Digital Marketing programs leveraging the traditional and cutting-edge tools, strategies, and channels to generate strong customer demand and nurture sales leads.

Expect meaningful, measurable employee and customer engagement. And the business results you’re after.