6 Reasons to Consider a Modern Intranet Experience

90% of all intranets fail1.

The most common reason? Bad user experience — non-intuitive interfaces, poor document management, and a lack of clarity on goals and objectives. The solution? A modern intranet that is built around user needs and a digital experience that drives engagement.

What’s this Modern Intranet?

Traditional intranets focus on a top-down communication approach. News is disseminated to everyone, regardless of their role or responsibility. Documents and data live on a server to provide “access”, but lack guidance or clarity on where to actually find what they need. The result is lack-luster: An irrelevant experience and a dumping ground of information that leaves users wasting precious productivity recreating—or worse, using outdated content.

  • It engages by surfacing content that is relevant and fresh.
  • It drives collaboration by unifying all your technology and people into a single pane.
  • It empowers decision-making by quickly directing them to the right people and information.
  • It enables productivity by bringing their day-to-day tasks and and schedules to the forefront of the experience.

A Modern Intranet is a comprehensive digital employee experience that drives employee engagement. If you aren’t a believer that employee engagement leads to organizational success, consider this: according to a 2016 report, profitability for engaged organizations is 21% higher compared to their unengaged counterparts.

Still need a reason your organization should consider a Modern Intranet? Here are 6 more:


  1. You want to present information to users based on who they are and what they do – not just because they are an employee. Factors can include position, location, types of customers, internal function, and projects.
  2. You want the most relevant data to be automatically brought to the forefront of an employee’s experience.
  3. You want employees to have easy access to their personal information, including payroll, vacation requests and healthcare data.
  4. You want to improve customer service by better preparing employees with the right information at the right time.
  5. You need to onboard new employees more quickly.
  6. You want to ensure employee engagement by helping them see their work connected to the organizational goals and objectives, and overall performance.

Start planning a Modern Intranet with our free User Canvas

The first step in building a Modern Intranet that personalizes the digital workplace experience is to understand who your users are. Beyond just their titles and departments, it’s important to define what drives their behaviors— their motivations and needs, their priorities— what day-to-day tasks look like, what content they consume and the tools they use. These are critical to defining what a personalized digital workplace looks like for your organization. Our Intranet User Type Canvas will help you get started. If you have any questions about intranets, the digital workplace, or the discovery process, reach out to our team of experts. We’ll be happy to help.

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