My Five Favorite Things About WordPress Websites

Practically every day, you’ll find me working in WordPress, sometimes just a few minutes or for hours on end. We run our site AND our customer sites on WordPress because of its user-friendly experience. WordPress can run complex and unique websites while simultaneously offering an easy-to-navigate backend.
I am a major fan of WordPress, and I enjoy working in it every day. Check out my five favorite things about WordPress.

Favorite thing about WordPress #1: It’s easy to use.wordpress website

You don’t need to be a seasoned developer to become an expert in WordPress.

In the past, developing a website wasn’t a painless task. If you lacked the knowledge, you would need someone with HTML experience and an understanding of website coding. You also would need to outsource help whenever you wanted to make content or design changes or add new files to the site.

With WordPress, you have access to an intuitive website platform. Whether you’re looking to change existing pages or add newones, you can learn how within a few minutes.

Once logged in, you are brought to a dashboard that shows a quick glance of site health and activity. An admin menu is on the left, providing the user with easy access to the sections of your website, including website pages, blog posts, the WordPress media library, and the plugins library.

WordPress ensures your website is not hard to navigate, but if you run into roadblocks, there is a community of WordPress users ready to help.

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Favorite thing #2: Finding the one – enter WP Bakery Page Builder.

Using a page builder is instrumental when building a website. The WP Bakery Page Builder Plugin allows you to edit your website two different ways. You can either use the front-end visual editor or make changes in the back end using page blocks. I prefer to work in the backend, where I can see the separate page blocks and edit some high-level HTML code on the page. Other members of our team prefer to see what the page would look like from the user perspective and make changes while in that view. With WP Bakery, we can each choose which view we would like to work in.

One of my favorite features of WP Bakery is the editable elements like “Custom Heading”, the image carousel, buttons, or text blocks. You can easily manipulate these elements to match their desired outcome and create visually engaging landing pages. The ability to see what’s “inside” the blocks while in the backend of the website is one of the aspects of WP Bakery. This improves the experience and speed when making changes to the website, instead of forcing you to open each page block to view the internal contents.

You can also create templates in WP Bakery and save them to use on new pages. You can guarantee a seamless transition from one page to another and ensure that your pages build off each other.

Favorite thing #3: You can try it for free.

Developing a website can be a major investment – but it doesn’t have to be. WordPress has options for all kinds of businesses – including FREE. Upgrade your platform for access to powerful plugins, additional storage, and impressive integrations.

You can also implement custom CSS and HTML code to customize the websites. WordPress lets your make the website as complex or as simple as they would like – and you can always add to it later.

Favorite thing #4: You can access themes & plugins to expand your site.

COVID-19 elevated the importance of a website’s visual appearance and functionality. With WordPress, you have access to an array of different themes to choose from. Our team often uses the Impreza theme, which offers both simple and complex options for any website.

We choose plugins that serve specific purposes for clients, from job postings to security and SEO tools. Plugins can improve user experience and add specialized functions to websites. WordPress has a plugin directory with hundreds to choose from, along with the ability to install custom plugins.

Favorite thing #5: You can improve your chances to rank high with Google.

Making sure your site is ranked by Google isn’t about filling pages with keywords anymore. Google continues to update its algorithms, so building your website on a platform that monitors these changes is key. WordPress also includes tools that assist you with optimizing your content for search results, giving your content the best possible chance to show up in your audience’s search.

We use the Yoast SEO plugin, and recommend it to all of our customers. This plugin will review your content as you are updating the page, and “coach” you through how you can make the most of on-page and technical SEO attributes.

Build your website on WordPress and see why we swear by it.

With the WordPress platform, we can build custom website instances for each of our clients, giving each project a unique user experience. We create custom designs and functionalities that we can then implement in WordPress.

In many ways, your website has become the first place your audience finds you. Make sure it accurately represents your business. Get a free website audit and find out where you stand.

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