Free Lunch-N-Learn! Kickstart Your Marketing: A Playbook for the Basics and Beyond

Marketing today can seem daunting.

With the overwhelming array of technology options, product platforms, and communication channels available, taking that first step to launching or improving your marketing strategy can be the hardest. If you think you need a little direction—or even a push—we have the playbook to get you going.

Join StitchDX on December 5th at UMass Lowell M2D2 for a free Lunch-n-Learn session where we boil down a modern marketing strategy to the basics and present a 6-part framework that won’t break the marketing bank. In a helpful session, we’ll talk you off the ledge with a playbook that covers the basics behind:

  1. Content Strategy and Messaging
  2. Your Website and SEO
  3. Marketing Automation and CRM
  4. Email Marketing and List Building
  5. Social Media that’s right for you
  6. Onsite Chat that engages

Sure, you can take any one of these topics to a sophisticated extreme (and when the time is right, we can help with that). But just getting them right at even a basic level can put your business on a fast path to driving lead generation, new customer acquisition, and revenue.

Who should attend:

  • SMBs, especially those with small teams and limited resources
  • Business growth minded professionals wishing to fine tune their marketing strategy
  • Marketing leaders tasked with creating a go-to-market plan
  • Leadership-level responsible for developing and communicating value to their stakeholders

When: Wednesday, December 5th, 12pm-1:30pm
Where: UMass Lowell M2D2: 110 Canal Street, 4th Floor, Lowell MA.
Cost: Free