8 Ways You Can Grow Your Business with HubSpot Marketing Starter

I consider myself a HubSpot groupie. I love their automation, I can spend hours hanging out in emails or the contact database, and I keep finding new ways they’ve made my life easier. With almost all of our digital marketing clients, I encourage them to explore the benefits of HubSpot Marketing Starter.

Creating new, exciting ideas and content is a major piece of every marketer’s role—for many (including myself) it’s the best part. It gets tricky when you must fit your brilliant, mind-blowing campaigns within your strict digital marketing budget. Enter: HubSpot Marketing Starter.

Rebounding from the pandemic year starts with getting the right tools for your business and your budget. These are eight ways HubSpot Marketing Starter can improve your digital marketing campaigns (hint: the biggest perk might be the price.)

1. With HubSpot Marketing Starter, you get what you pay for… (and then some)

Starting at just $50/month (that’s less than one coffee a day!), HubSpot Marketing Starter will give you access to a stacked marketing toolkit, including:

  • email marketing
  • form builder
  • list segmentation
  • chatbot builder
  • landing page builder and more.

This includes the space for 1,000 contacts in your database. For $600 a year, you can use the tools in HubSpot Marketing Starter to run engaging marketing campaigns that will grow your business.

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2. Creating, tracking, and analyzing your email campaigns.

Successful email marketing is one of the best ways to engage with your prospects and current clients, and an overall key piece of your marketing strategy. With our clients, we create and execute full range digital marketing, and email is the proven, reliable #1 channel to drive responses and conversion.

With Marketing Starter, you can create beautiful, personalized emails with HubSpot’s easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor. Starting with one of HubSpot’s many email templates, you can:

  • Edit the email design and layout
  • Embed videos and images that link back to your content
  • Add personalization tokens to engage with your clients
  • Create personalized subject lines to increase open rates

You can send these emails right away or schedule them to send later to a specific list from your database. Once you’ve sent your email, HubSpot tracking open rates, click rates, and reply rates. You’ll also see an HTML click map which will let you know where your customers are engaging with your emails.

HubSpot Marketing Starter will show you data on time spent reading the email and engagement over time. Find out what works, what your audiences respond to, and keep fine-tuning your campaigns to continuously improve results.

3. Easily manage and customize your forms in HubSpot Marketing Starter.

Strategically placed forms are the #1 way to gather important information about your visitors and contacts. With HubSpot Marketing Starter, you can create and customize your forms, using your brand colors, fonts, and specific contact properties.

You can start with one of HubSpot’s 6 templates, or create a form from scratch. HubSpot provides 12 property field types that you can customize to fit the information you’re looking for. You can create forms for:

  • Newsletter Sign-Ups
  • Event Registration
  • Contact Us Forms

In Marketing Starter, you can start creating simple workflows using the “Follow-up” feature. You can add custom copy, subject lines and add delays between emails so you can automate your lead nurturing process.

Workflows can make your life easier, utilizing automatic response and engagement, 24/7.

4. Organize and manage contact records in one place.

HubSpot Marketing Starter comes with the powerful HubSpot CRM platform and will give your business the ability to organize and analyze customer information. You can build better relationships with clients that are interested in your business.

With HubSpot’s CRM, you can create and assign custom contact properties to a specific contact. You can use these properties to create lists that sort your contacts by specific companies, locations, marketing email activity, form submissions and more.

Once you have someone in your database, you can view their tracked activity on your site and in your emails. Your communications can be personalized for each name as your nurture them toward purchase. This can include:

  • Form submission date and information
  • Marketing emails
  • Deal activity
  • Conversations
  • Page views
  • Even activity within integrations (ex. Eventbrite)
  • And so much more.

5. With HubSpot Marketing Starter, create chatbots that can instantly engage with visitors on your website.

Automated Chatbots are your best unpaid employees – available at all hours to learn what questions your site visitors might have. HubSpot gives this technology to SMBs!

In Marketing Starter, you can customize the chatbot language, messages, the contact information you want to capture, and your rapid replies. Check out our chatbot at the bottom of the page to see it in action.

Chatbots can strike while the iron is hot and engage with your website visitors as they travel throughout your website. They can help push prospects toward the next step in the sales funnel and can create a more engaging and enjoyable experience for your visitors. The real question is – why wouldn’t you invest in a free employee who never takes a sick day?

6. Build landing pages that convert.

Promotional landing pages attract new visitors to your site and have the opportunity to turn them into contacts by adding a form or chatbot. HubSpot landing pages are a more recent addition to Marketing Starter, and they have been a game-changer for SMBs.

Using the drag-and-drop editor, you can create engaging landing pages using HubSpot’s free templates. HubSpot will also check the optimization of your web page, including mobile-friendliness, metadata and title tags, search engine crawling, and more.

Once you’re ready to publish the page, you can either connect your primary domain (your website) or use the free HubSpot domain that comes with it. HubSpot will track the page performance using metrics like page views, bounce rate, or form submissions on the page.

7. Easily manage and organize your sales pipeline.

Your marketing strategy would be incomplete without a sales team to bring it home. HubSpot knows this – Marketing Starter comes with access to some of HubSpot’s Sales tools. Within Deals, you can edit the phases of your sales pipeline, filter your view, and see where your prospects are in the sales funnel.

Have you scheduled an introductory call with your prospect? Or are you preparing a contract to send them? Maybe you just want to keep track of how many deals you’ve won and how many you’ve lost. With HubSpot Marketing Starter, you can manage your sales pipeline with ease and keep your clients happy.

8. Create impressive, insightful reports.

You need a way to analyze the results of your marketing efforts – it’s key if you want to know what works with your marketing campaigns and what doesn’t. With Marketing Starter, you can use two different pre-made analytic tools, Forms and Sales Content Analytic, and 11 standard reports.

Source – HubSpot

The Marketing Dashboard contains reports with any data brought in by your marketing efforts. You can customize your Marketing Dashboard, and identify which reports are important to your business. Use the reports to access customer data, analyze it, and improve your marketing campaigns.

Harness the power of HubSpot affordably.

HubSpot Marketing Starter is the best way to align your business with an impressive CRM platform and a powerful marketing software, all while keeping the budget in control. Each version of HubSpot Marketing Hub offers upgrades that take your marketing strategy to a new level. Starting with Marketing Starter can give your organization an edge against your competitors, and help you come back stronger from the pandemic year.

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