[WHITEPAPER] How engaged are your employees?

What does it mean when we say that employees are “engaged?” Isn’t that just an HR buzzword? Nope. It’s real, and it may very well be vital to the growth of your organization.

An engaged employee isn’t just someone who likes their job. Rather, it’s someone who feels pride, enthusiasm, and commitment to their work—and (most importantly) to their respective organization. They’re your rockstars!

Employees benefit from being highly engaged—they feel high ownership for their work, can’t wait to get started each day, and are ambassadors for the organization and its products and services. And the organizations they work for benefit from having highly engaged employees—it creates a competitive advantage for themselves with a more productive, contributive and beneficial workforce.

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Overall, it’s a win-win for all involved.

Despite the role of employee engagement as a critical indicator of success, it can be difficult to implement effective protocols and devices that keep employees engaged, valued, and energized. To get started in the right direction, let’s take the first step and embrace the concept of the “Digital Workplace.”

Can a Digital Workplace make a difference in your organization?

Many companies who are successful at keeping their employees engaged have embraced the concept of the “Digital Workplace,” a personalized digital experience for employees. Think of a digital workplace as the next generation of the intranet. No longer static, a true modern intranet generates higher engagement and satisfaction, delivering a connected experience that provides employees with the tools to work as efficiently and productively as possible.

Employee Engagement and the Digital Workplace, is the latest thinking from our digital workplace partner Akumina. In this new whitepaper, Akumina details five core benefits to implementing an effective digital workplace to increase employee engagement.

These include:

  • Fostering employee connections
  • Increasing contribution beyond the local area
  • Highlighting employees that exhibit excellent performance
  • Ensuring that tasks are linked to a larger organizational goal
  • Providing the tools needed to work efficiently and effectively

The bottom line—enhanced employee experiences can help attract better talent, foster a more engaged and productive workforce, and successfully transform your business.

StitchDX + Akumina: Applying customer engagement know-how to the employee engagement challenge

StitchDX is an Akumina Gold Partner. Our enthusiasm and commitment to creating highly engaged, highly productive workforces helps our customers tap into their company’s full potential. We believe in digital workplaces as an extension of that power to achieve higher performance within your organization.

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