Promote Your Events Better with Eventbrite Tracking Links

One of our longtime customers turned to us to promote their dynamic roster of events. Tracking links in the Eventbrite platform enables us to optimize our promotional efforts and improve them with each new event. Here’s how.

Here’s how to create Eventbrite tracking links.

Creating Eventbrite tracking links is an easy task, completed in three simple steps.

  1. Once you’re logged into your Eventbrite account, locate one of your existing events and choose “edit.”
  2. From there, you’ll find the “Marketing” tab on the lower left side of your page. This tab will open up to a list of different options – find “Tracking Links” and select it.
  3. Add the name of your tracking link and click create.
  4. Then you select your link, copy it and start sharing.

Analyze and understand your marketing efforts.

With this tool, we can track the performance of our different types of outreach. We use the data to:

  • track the effectiveness of paid promotional campaigns
  • analyze registrations coming from cross-promotional efforts
  • evaluate where we should focus marketing efforts

This data shows us see what’s working and what’s not and helps with building more productive marketing campaigns.

We recently utilized the tracking links to analyze how successful paid social promotion was for our customer, M2D2. We had a 4-figure budget for paid social for their CAPCaT event and discovered that while we received views, we didn’t get any registrations from them. The M2D2 email database was our best source of registrations.

Discover new ways to increase your lead generation.

Eventbrite is one of the many tools within a digital marketers toolkit that can help improve lead generation. Marketing is all about data-driven decisions, and we use all kinds of platforms from Eventbrite to HubSpot and Google Analytics.

Events — in-person or virtual — are proven lead generators. To learn more ways to boost your lead-gen efforts, download our ebook, The Basics to Generating Inbound B2B Leads.

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