The Real Statistics on Millennials

The abrupt changes millennials are bringing into today’s workplace have been a frequent topic of conversation. With their critical mass and coming dominance in the overall workforce (greater than 50% within two years), there are many myths and fears circulating about millennials and the impact they bring to the workplace — some of big foot proportions. And up until now, it has been difficult to separate the hype from the truth.

Our digital workplace platform partner, Akumina, recently completed a survey of 1,051 mid-executive level managers between the ages of 18 – 36. They worked to uncover millennials’ sentiments around the workplace, including workplace philosophies, collaboration, and technologies. Akumina’s “2019 Millennial Manager Survey” offers insight on the reality of the millennial managers’ workplace.

Within this survey, Akumina reviews their four key findings, which outline:

  • Millennial Managers’ Workplace Loyalty and Drive
  • Desire for Personal Feedback and Encouragement
  • Technology Preferences for Optimizing Workplace Productivity
  • Prioritization of Work/Life Balance

Each of these topics allow us to step inside the reality of millennial managers’ and their employees. In each section, Akumina provides data that contradicts many of the stereotypes associated with millennials. They use the information gathered from their respondents to provide a more honest and helpful depiction of millennials’ today.

Some surprising statistics are offered throughout the survey. For example, ‘job hopping’ is a millennial trait that instills fear and loathing in many company leaders, encouraging them to doubt millennial loyalty. Akumina found 75% of their survey respondents reported that “job hopping – a traditionally frowned-upon habit – helped advance their career.” Statistics like this challenge the popular myths circulating about the millennial workforce, and offer advice on how to more successfully support this growing workforce.

Interested in learning more? Download the 2019 Millennial Management Survey from Akumina today.