ApiJect Digital Workplace

Powell Intranet Solution Design and Implementation


  • Created “The Hive” — a centralized employee “dashboard” that holds “single source of truth information” and is quickly and easily searchable via an enhanced SharePoint search experience.
  • Empowers ApiJect to grow a cohesive, dynamic, and unique company culture for onsite and remote employees across the organization.
  • Enables dispersed / remote teams to cohesively share / access up-to-date company news, video content, events pulled from multiple calendar sources including SharePoint and Outlook, content for new hires, training material and opportunities, and critical information and guidance on working remotely and optimizing collaboration.
  • Provides an individualized user experience that allows users to manage (and easily access) favorites, as well as like and subscribe to content based on their preferences


ApiJect is a fast-growing medical device manufacturer of pre-filled syringe and drug delivery technology. With employees working in laboratories, manufacturing plants, and from home, communication and collaboration were critical to business success. With their rapid growth, they relied heavily on email and Microsoft Teams for communication and ad-hoc collaboration. Expected rapid growth and expansion, while maintaining a distributed workforce, required scaling, standardizing, and operationalizing systems and technologies quickly.

We were using Teams for a lot of things that Teams isn’t actually built for. And so that’s been a real challenge especially as all these new tools are introduced is really understanding what each tool is actually for, and not trying to have it be something else. That’s been a real learning experience we’ve had with StitchDX.”

Lindsey Walker, Director of Learning and Development

Better Internal Communication & Employee Engagement

Better Remote Collaboration


Through our “Minimally Lovable Product” (MLP) Discovery process, the StitchDX and Apiject teams identified the content types — news, documents, and links — that would do the “heaviest lifting” to keep employees engaged and productive. With these insights in hand, we designed and built an intranet that ApiJect’s employees would find useful, intuitive, and enjoyable — in other words, an intranet they’d love to use.

The result was a new ApiJect intranet branded “The Hive.” The Hive is now ApiJect’s primary resource for the content all employees need, aligning and empowering dispersed teams and reinforcing company culture.

The Hive keeps ApiJect buzzing with:

  • Timely corporate communications.
  • “Reinforcing the Why,” a streaming video channel with content reinforcing the organization’s mission and vision.
  • Weekly tips and tricks for home-based employees from the tech team.
  • Social news and updates on new hires, work anniversaries, and more. Employee “shoutouts” for exceptional work and collaboration.
  • A persistent floating menu that provides shortcuts to the most common tools and information employees need to stay productive.
  • A corporate calendar with important and upcoming events, dates, and deadlines.
  • Polls to gather quick feedback and measure engagement with the intranet
  • A flexible departmental template that enables efficiency and simplicity when adding additional departments
  • Custom admin tools for permission-based employee content creation and editing.

Roadmap to build on

Visioning with ApiJect beyond the initial implementation, StitchDX defined a roadmap of features to add to the experience post-launch. And stressing the critical importance of governance in any Digital Workplace environment, the StitchDX team developed a governance strategy to use Microsoft Teams more effectively within The Hive — controlling sprawl and supporting enterprise security.

The news feature and being able to use that to drive people to that content and highlight different content from a learning and development perspective has been critical. It allows people to see our most recent recommendations of what we’d like them to look at from a company perspective.”

Lindsey Walker, Director of Learning and Development

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