Frontline Source Group

Digital Workplace Implementation


  • Rapidly deployed digital workplace
  • Department templates for quick replication and use
  • Intelligent and thoughtful information architecture


Frontline Source Group is one of the fastest-growing placement firms in the United States, specializing in the technology, accounting and finance, and legal verticals. They believe in building strong partnerships with clients through understanding their unique needs and delivering high-quality candidates.
To continue their track record of excellence and rapid growth, Frontline required an intranet that could meet their needs now and scale as they grew. Their most-desired features included:

  • Compelling presentation of corporate and departmental news and documents
  • Calendar for events
  • Easy access to a variety of third-party tools and sites
  • A directory to efficiently find people
  • Powerful search

Digital Workplace Solutions


StitchDX applied its proprietary Design Thinking-based Discovery process to quickly identify Frontline’s high-level needs. Through deep discussions with Frontline’s team, StitchDX helped determine the overall site structure, home page layout, departmental requirements, and Active Directory requirements.

Using these technical requirements, StitchDX deployed “The Frontline” (the name of their intranet) and configured the entire site within weeks. The launched site included Frontline Source Group branding, dedicated news channels, and the required departmental templates. The templates are a uniform set of pages and features that Frontline can use to quickly create unique department sites. Utilizing the power of SharePoint, The Frontline is easy to access on any device through the Teams app or any browser.

After deployment, StitchDX ran training sessions focused on administrative tasks for the core team and content contribution for a wider group of department content administrators. StitchDX continues to support Frontline as they move from initial launch to widespread, company-wide adoption.

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