Customer Experience – Website Development


  • Fully custom website meets branding, functionality, and communications objectives.
  • Seamless connection to third-party translation services to provide unique, targeted content in six different languages.
  • Multiple dynamic content types to enable functionality for site editors to quickly add and manage website pages and copy.


KUDO is the premier SaaS solution for online meetings and events in multiple languages. Their website serves as crucial information hub for customers, interpreters, and meeting organizers. KUDO’s reputation rests on their expertise in real-time translation and interpretation services. Their cloud-based translation solution works with a wide range of global meeting platforms.

KUDO had set out to rebuild their website without the help of external developers, but their efforts stalled out. They had created an initial set of design files in Figma but had no clear path to getting those basic designs turned into a real website. KUDO needed a partner that could turn those site ideas first into technical requirements and then into a site that delivered on those requirements.

Digital Marketing Solutions


In collaboration with KUDO, StitchDX drew up initial design specifications and iterated on them to provide increased functionality, security, and ease of use.

For example, instead of a static text box and images linking to case studies, StitchDX recommended a system of dynamic content pulling from various content types such as blogs, case studies, client testimonials, and interpreter stories.

StitchDX also implemented a WPML integration that connects seamlessly with KUDO’s third-party translation software to push and pull content targeting audiences in South America, Asia, Europe, and Africa.

Prior to launch, StitchDX populated the site with all content, trained KUDO users on the site, and configured additional plug-ins and functionality, including HubSpot Marketing Pro, Google Analytics, and conversion tracking. We managed a multi-step launch process to enable no discernible lapse in visitor experience, site traffic analytics, or form completions.