Pierce Aluminum Website Development

WordPress Website Design & Development, HubSpot Integration


  • WooCommerce custom development of Product Finder and customer quote request functionality integrated with inventory database
  • Integration of HubSpot Marketing Starter expanded site lead generation capabilities with chatbots and forms.
  • Full site SEO: Optimization of core search attributes and detailed product category pages greatly expanded organic traffic and visitor conversion.
  • Emphasis on driving direct localized quote requests streamlined internal customer quote process and vastly expanded overall volume.


Monthly traffic increase in the first year
Organic database growth since site launch
Quote form completes since site launch
Chat conversations since site launch


Pierce Aluminum is a leading national distributor, processor, and fabricator of industrial aluminum products.

Pierce’s locations range from coast to coast. While each maintains a full inventory and provides complete processing and fabricating services, several locations serve specific local/regional industries (aircraft, shipbuilding, medical device, e.g.).

A key challenge for Pierce was the ability of their website to:

  • Capture search queries
  • Direct site visitors to the precise inventory/processing/location for their needs
  • Enable customers to directly request quotes online from their desired location.

Addressing this would be a sea change from the existing (and slow) Pierce quote process in which headquarters would receive customer quote requests and then pass them along to the relevant locations. All quote requests are now automatically directed to the correct Pierce location based on zip code.


Building on WordPress and WooCommerce, StitchDX designed and developed the new Pierce Aluminum website featuring:

  • Integration with HubSpot Marketing Starter and CMS, to better manage lead generation, inbound marketing, and customer communication.
  • Content optimized for products, services, industries, and locations, to improve search results and site user experience.
  • A custom Product Finder, requiring deep inventory database integration, to enable detailed online quote requests.

Dramatic improvement in search results

A full-site SEO audit* of Pierce’s old site conducted as part of our Discovery process revealed only six keywords appearing on page one of Google search results. Only a branded search for “pierce aluminum” ranked #1.

12 months after the new site launch, the same audit revealed at least 50 page-one keywords and 47 page-two keywords. This included 10 keywords ranked #1. Additionally, these results expanded well beyond branded search terms to include specific industry and inventory terms like “oval aluminum tubing” and “aluminum alloy for shipbuilding.”

The site also delivered 8 page-one “near me” searches, which have accelerated growth in direct-to-location quote requests.

*Source: SEMrush.com

Rapid Increase in Visitor Engagement and Lead Generation

Since the new site launch,

  • The site saw 25% increased monthly visitor traffic.
  • Customers submitted 4,662 quote requests.
  • Site visitors initiated 994 chat conversations.
  • Pierce received 503 location specific Contact Us form completes.
  • The database grew organically by 3,650 contacts.