Our Work

Princess House

Digital Workplace – Powell Intranet & FlexDesk Implementation


  • Created a central place for corporate and social news to help all employees feel connected and aligned
  • Enabled users to find colleagues and helped new employees navigate the organizations virtually
  • Streamlined process workflow efficiency through the use of Power Automate
  • Improved the process for selecting open desks or conference rooms in the office using Flexdesk

Princess House, an established national quality home products retailer, has traditionally been an in-person workforce. The dramatic shift to remote work demanded new ways of communicating, organizing, and collaborating to provide continuity to customers and partners. Their new office footprint also required a way for employees to reserve desk space in advance.

The Approach

Princess House selected StitchDX to implement Powell Software, enhancing their existing O365 investment into a true digital workplace. StitchDX collaborated with stakeholders to identify critical requirements for the intranet, including the desire to maintain the strong “family” culture established in the physical workplace. Alongside spaces for corporate news and quick access to important documents like HR benefits and Employee Assistance Program information, employees wanted to share personal milestones like new babies or marriages. Additionally, StitchDX worked with Princess House to optimize usage of Microsoft Teams and streamline process workflow efficiency through the use of Power Automate.

Digital Workplace Solutions

The Solution

After a discovery process to fully understand the needs and wishes of the Princess House Team, StitchDX worked from a detailed plan that included an initial launch of the most needed features followed by a roadmap of iterations and improvements.

The initial launch included a home page with targeted areas for corporate news, messages from senior leadership, social news. The site also included a human resources department with its own news sections, helpful links, and connections to important documents.

Employees can also now reserve a specific desk, open seating, or conference room for work and meeting space in the new office. Users can see who will be in the office on any given day, to plan their work and collaboration time effectively.

The Directory enables users to find colleagues and helps new employees navigate the organizations more easily.

In addition, we created customized workflows integrated into Microsoft Teams to help automate approval processes, notifications and improve governance.

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