Sno-Isle Libraries Intranet

Digital Workplace Implementation

Easy access to all the information the HR department needs to share with the rest of the organization.


  • Replaced outdated ColdFusion intranet with modern SharePoint intranet built on Powell Software.
  • Developed, in collaboration with Sno-Isle, a new information architecture, taxonomy, and site structure for their Modern Workplace.
  • Created a central digital location where employees could find information, align dispersed teams, and promote a positive company culture.


Sno-Isle Libraries is one of the largest library systems in the state of Washington, serving Snohomish and Island counties with a circulation of more than 11 million materials. With more than 23 locations and 500 employees spread across two counties, the Sno-Isle library system requires that its employees be regularly informed about government regulations, upcoming, events, and new policies and procedures that affect daily operations.

Their existing intranet, built on ColdFusion, was outdated and difficult to maintain. Content management was cumbersome and employee engagement with the intranet was low. It was difficult both to present information and track who had read it. Sno-Isle wanted to leverage their investment in the Microsoft ecosphere to create a central hub for knowledge sharing and engagement. They turned to StitchDX for our Modern Workplace expertise.

The Approach

We got started with a deep dive into Sno-Isle Library’s requirements, vision for a future state, and current ways of working. Armed with that knowledge, the StitchDX team crafted an “MLP.”

MLP stands for “Minimally Lovable Product,” which aims to balance two objectives: an intranet that employees will adopt quickly, and a rapid investment-to-value timeline. In this way, we show clear results quickly, get the organization up and running, and gather information for iterative improvements based on user feedback and organizational needs.

The MLP plan delineated the sites we would deploy in Phase I and the site templates (used to manage the front-end experience) we would develop to deploy those sites. We also defined other intranet features like the search experience, news and event hubs, the directory, content types, and taxonomy. Given the need for a need for a clean user interface and intuitive content entry, we decided to leverage the Powell Software solution. Once approved, the MLP was translated into technical requirements and entered into Azure DevOps.

Using DevOps to manage and track development tasks, we were able to work in full transparency. This allowed for rapid feedback cycles and reduced the amount of time needed for the development phase. As we wrapped up Quality Control and User Acceptance Training, we provided training and documentation to get Sno-Isle users up and running as quickly as possible.

At this stage of the process, we turned to our Roadmap of iterative improvements. Based on what we learned during development and early user feedback, we worked with Sno-Isle to prioritize the list of potential improvements. Phase II work blended seamlessly into Phase I work, and we continue to identify areas for further expansion, bringing on new features like an AI-enabled knowledge base and a more personalized experience for end users.

The Solution

The new and improved Sno-Isle intranet features a “Home” site for organization-wide content and information, multiple department sites, dedicated location sites for each individual library, Powell’s Flexdesk workspace reservation system, a new-employee onboarding site, various content workflows, and other customizations.

The home site includes sections for organization-wide news, events, and links to important sites. It also allows users to personalize their views with an additional news feed they configure to “subscribe” to news relevant to them. Department sites also include important departmental documents, department-specific events and news, and a list members of that departmental team for easy contact.

In addition, we have offered (and continue to offer) technical support and change management guidance. Drawing on our deep well of experience, we meet regularly with the client’s core team to identify areas of optimization and increased efficiency.

Quick Access links provide a seamless transition from the intranet to the tools employees need most.

Some other key features:

  • Relevant news and corporate communication keep users aware of critical information.
  • Social news and updates keep remote employees connected and up-to-date on new hires, work anniversaries, and more. Employees can provide “shoutouts” to employees or teams for exceptional collaboration and work.
  • Shortcuts to the most common tools and information employees need to stay productive.
  • A corporate calendar keeps everyone informed of important and upcoming events, dates and deadlines.
An intranet-specific set of Frequently Asked Questions help keep users informed of the intranet project and upcoming work.

Following the initial rollout, StitchDX conducted and documented comprehensive video training sessions tailored to both the core team’s administrative responsibilities and a broader audience of department content administrators, emphasizing content contribution. StitchDX remains steadfast in its commitment to supporting Sno-Isle as they explore potential enhancements and expanded functionalities for their platform.

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