UMass Lowell M2D2 LinkedIn Strategy

Digital Marketing – Social Media Strategy


  • Grew social media following by over 1000% and reached more than 1000 additional followers in under 9 months.
  • Increased overall engagement as measured by organic clicks, reactions, and shares from followers
  • Led to an increase in both virtual event and in-person event registrations and attendance.


Increase in new followers since May 2022
Increase in reactions to posts since May 2022
Increase in page views since May 2022


The Massachusetts Medical Device Center (M2D2), located at UMass Lowell and UMass Medical School in Worcester, is a thriving incubator for medical device and biotech startups. M2D2 has been a StitchDX Digital Marketing customer since 2017.

“As we started looking into bringing events back in-person in fall of 2021, we wanted to find a way to reach people outside of our email database. We had decent success with Twitter but knew the majority of our audience spent most of their time on LinkedIn. Before StitchDX deployed their new strategy, we were not getting much traction on our LinkedIn page.”

Mary Ann Picard, Executive Director for Innovation and New Ventures.

M2D2 has a very strong email presence, with a database of nearly 10K names and an average open rate of 24%. They also had a strong presence on Twitter but felt a growing need to build a stronger brand presence on LinkedIn, where professional conversations were happening around topics in which they are deeply invested.


StitchDX deployed a strategic approach to better build out their LinkedIn content, drive engagement and refocus on community management within the platform.

Knowing the bulk of their content promotes in-person local events and challenges, we developed a strategy that supported those events. This includes updating their LinkedIn company page button, banner, and profile image to amplify their current campaigns.

Our content-specific changes included:

  • Providing LinkedIn content to sponsors, event speakers, and participants that is written from their perspective to share on their own LinkedIn accounts.
  • Writing additional versions of post content to increase cadence and avoid repetition
  • Implementing a content-distribution strategy that helped boost M2D2’s post and company page in the LinkedIn algorithm
  • A strategic approach to hashtags and LinkedIn “@” tags, reaching an audience outside of the existing M2D2 following
  • Sharing “live from the event” style posts that highlight speakers, event participants, awards, or the general success of the event

When StitchDX started using LinkedIn to share “live from the event”, we witnessed incredible engagement from the audience. The posts that included quotes from the startups and tags to their personal or company pages received great traction and became the posts with top interactions. You can view an example post here. StitchDX now incorporates this practice frequently at M2D2 events.

M2D2 continues to see an average increase of 100 followers per month, increased shares and comments on posts, and additional registrations for events that can be directly tied to LinkedIn posts.

“The consistent growth we have seen in our LinkedIn company page since April ‘22 has been fantastic. It’s helped us reach new medical device and biotech startups, investors, and industry leaders. We know when we post a new event, challenge, and breaking news updates to our LinkedIn feed, the right people are going to see it. We’ve worked with StitchDX in the past and are thrilled to work with their team to grow our LinkedIn presence.”

Mary Ann Picard, Executive Director for Innovation and New Ventures.