Modern Workplace

Supercharge Productivity with a Next-Generation Intranet

Transform how your employees work, collaborate, and communicate with a true out-of-the-box solution, purpose-built for today’s workplace.

Why a modern intranet matters even more right now.

As your organization manages through the current business climate, a modern intranet is a critical tool to foster communication and productivity across your entire workforce—on-site and remote.

  • A modern intranet is a robust connectivity and alignment hub that keeps your people focused on their individual, departmental, and organizational objectives.
  • A modern intranet provides a unified, personalized experience that enables rapid access to the universe of different software platforms, integrated functionality, and data sources and information needed to get work done.

A Modern Intranet, for the needs and challenges of your business and workplace.

A true, out-of-the-box modern intranet solution

Keep your entire workforce—on-site and remote—informed and aligned to the purpose of your business, and fully informed to execute it. Your Intranet is a critical channel for communication, continuity, and connectivity that enables your business to quickly adapt and navigate a rapidly changing world, all in your existing M365 environment.

Our Powell Intranet solution is perfectly aligned to Microsoft technology, seamlessly integrating with all Office 365 features. So if you’re an O365 organization, you’re already on the way to rapid adoption of a new, modern intranet—with employee usage increases of up to 90%.

Your Digital Workplace Has Never Mattered More.

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An intranet that’s purpose-built, modern, and deployed quickly

Powell Intranet is an out-of-the-box solution that helps you take full advantage of your Microsoft investment in a matter of weeks, not months. Consistently updated with the latest Office 365 and SharePoint evolutions—your employees can stay focused on their tasks.

Personalized & Customized

We tailor your M365 intranet the way you work: widgets customized to your business requirements, and an experience styled to your brand standards.

Always Up-To-Date

Keep your workforce up-to-date with news and information from across the organization, plus access to all your technology in a modern experience.

Deployable Anywhere, Accessible Everywhere

Leverage purpose-built templates to quickly develop and deliver relevant content to every user—regardless of their location, language, or device.

Our proven approach to Intranet Implementation:

Successful Change Management Begins with Better Discovery

Our proprietary Design Thinking-based implementation approach allows StitchDX  to rapidly develop a deep knowledge of your organization—the business, technology, and most importantly, the users. Our Discovery process is a critical first step in developing experiences your employees will love, and enables us to better prepare, equip, and support your business to adopt change.

Kickoff & Workshop

Focuses on building deep knowledge of your business, processes, technology, and users to uncover needs and requirements of these key areas.

Business Requirements Documentation

Outlines critical factors that determine project success: functional business needs, technical and security requirements, integrations, user personas, and any requirements for personalization.

Information Architecture (IA) Documentation

Defines the strategy for organizing and structuring content and how that content is searched and accessed by the various personas.

Wireframing & User Interface Design

Validates data structure and usability, combining brand and functional requirements with industry best practices for an optimal user experience.

Functional & Technical Requirements

Defines expected functionalities for configuration and/or development including user experience, data presentation, and where and how content and/or data is stored and accessed.

Configuration and/or Development

Delivers the solution, including training end users on managing and creating content and utilizing the technology.