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Powell Together

Your new small business communication and collaboration space — deploys easily into Microsoft Teams!

An Intranet that’s Fast and Easy to Deploy.

Introducing Powell TOGETHER. Now, a complete, full-featured intranet perfect for small and medium-sized businesses.

Powell TOGETHER harnesses the power of Microsoft Teams to break down barriers to communication and collaboration, unifying in-house, remote, and hybrid workers to meet your business goals.

All In One

Powell TOGETHER is a complete, interactive space for all employee communication and collaboration needs.


Intuitive and engaging, TOGETHER allows everyone to contribute and interact, accelerating project work and business goals.


TOGETHER supports a culture that promotes social connections, fosters engagement, and maximizes hybrid work productivity.

Ready to Use

TOGETHER is a complete and scalable enterprise space — already built, quick to deploy, and fully secure.

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TOGETHER For Employees

A Complete Portal: Post, share, find, and exchange information in one space through connected communication and collaboration tools. Add simplicity, maximize adoption and connect employees.

The HR Corner: Gather collective knowledge, onboarding resources, career management info, and job postings.

Department Pages: Each department has an easily accessible space to share ideas, information, resources, and work on projects.

Virtual Building: Recreate social moments like coffee breaks in the “Virtual Building,” promoting social ties, and fostering employee engagement.


Rapid deployment: Your intranet is ready to use and easy to manage.

Integrated with Teams: Accessible from your Teams application, a browser or a mobile device, it is easy to access and use. Avoid heavy change management.

Secure: Take advantage of Microsoft security and keep your data in your environment.

Scalable: Your hub is always up to date and can be upgraded to another version according to your needs.

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