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Use Microsoft Teams Better

Teams is custom-built for collaboration — whether your team is remote, on-site, or a hybrid.

Start using Teams better in 2 weeks

Our approach helps to define the appropriate strategy for your organizational needs and addresses the following:

Best Practices

Optimize for sustainable collaboration, communication, and getting things done.


Control sprawl while promoting long-term growth  with thoughtful, systemic strategies

Information Architecture

Define a unified structure for organizing and finding the right information, files, and content quickly.

Team Creation & Chat

Manage group and team creation, naming, classification, and guest access.

Adoption & Training

Ensure your employees have the right access and are trained to use the tools to their fullest.

Optimization & New Features

Maximize use of Teams’ many features and integrations and stay abreast of Microsoft’s roadmap

Ready to get started?

Start Using Teams Better:

Combine chat, video, file management, and application integration into a single collaborative solution.

Whether you already use Teams or are just starting out, our Use  Teams Better offer can help optimize how your organization uses this powerful product to help your on-site and remote employees make the most of their days.

  • The hub for teamwork in Office 365
  • Communicate through chat and meetings
  • Collaborate with all the integrated Office 365 apps
  • Customise your workplace and achieve more
  • Make calls in Office 365 and Teams
  • Connect across devices

Use custom templates to collaborate and manage your business like a pro.

Manage sprawl and reduce redundancy with customized teams and channels that help your employees manage projects, communicate, and drive engagement.

  • Better governance
  • Information architecture (taxonomy, improve searchability, etc.)
  • Increase consistent adoption of Teams
  • Prove out value of MS Teams/365 investment
  • Remote work roadmap/plan

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Do it all in as little as 2 weeks.

Our approach takes a deep understanding of your business and employee needs and matches it with Microsoft Teams best practices and functionality. Our goal is to create a user experience that serves your organization — and that your people will love to use.

  • Discovery workshops
  • Organization-specific Teams templates
  • Organization-specific best practice documentation
  • Governance and Information Architecture
  • Staff training for templates and Teams