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Governance Rules Every Organization Should Implement on Microsoft Teams

We see them all the time: Microsoft Teams deployments that don’t go all the way for their organizations.

There’s too much sprawl. Teams no one uses, teams no one needs anymore, duplicate teams, teams that never should have been created.

Then there are security vulnerabilities. People in the organization with access to teams where they don’t belong. And outsiders with access to your Teams instance that they should never have.

The answer is better Microsoft Teams governance. And this is how to bring better governance to your Teams instance.

Get the Powell Software guide, Governance Rules Every Organization Should Implement on Microsoft Teams and start getting your Teams governance into shape.

Governance Rules breaks down the Teams governance challenge into 2 manageable areas of action:

  • Microsoft Teams lifecycle management
  • Microsoft Teams security

You’ll learn about critical areas of governance that require your attention now. And you’ll gain essential, foundational knowledge and best practices on which to build Teams governance protocols that meet the needs or your organization and sync with your organization’s in-place processes.

Improve your Teams governance, improve your Teams ROI.
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