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Powell Intranet:
A Web Parts Primer

Building an intranet is more than just picking the right software and turning it on.

The most effective company intranets provide the right information and tools right where your users want them—to inform, engage, and keep them on the road to productivity.

To deliver on that vision, it is helpful to know what is possible. We created this quick guide to the most frequently used Powell Intranet web parts (also known as widgets), along with a brief overview of each to elevate some of these possibilities within the context of your own organization.

This EBook is neither exhaustive nor prescriptive — think of it as more of an idea book for your intranet. But along with our proven Discovery methodology, StitchDX can help you:

  • identify which web parts are relevant to your specific challenges
  • understand how to most effectively utilize them for your workforce
  • manage the process of implementing a new intranet experience for your workforce.

Download the Powell Intranet Web Parts Primer today and learn what’s possible to drive employee engagement and productivity through your company intranet.

Download the Powell Web Parts EBook