Resources Video Case Study

Moving to SharePoint Online & Building an Effective Intranet:
Powell Software + Opaa!

How did Opaa!, a major midwestern food services management company (serving 300,000 students across more than 900 schools) make the significant shift away from on-premises, email-reliant workflows to a better employee experience with SharePoint online?

In this 15-minute webinar, you’ll hear from Opaa! and learn all about:

  • Opaa!’s challenges with their SharePoint on-premises intranet.
  • How Opaa!’s transition to SharePoint online enabled them to upgrade their intranet for a better employee experience on SharePoint Online.
  • How Powell Software provided out-of-the-box tools and features to build improved designs for their sites.
  • The solutions to critical business problems that the new Opaa! intranet delivered.  they were able to solved.
  • Opaa!’s future vision for the evolution of their intranet — powered by Powell Software.