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Social Media Marketing Strategy for Boston Businesses

Investing in social media is no longer an option for businesses – it’s a must-have piece of your digital marketing strategy.

An improved social media approach can drive brand awareness and new business.

Reaching your target can feel akin to shouting into the void — and without a strategic approach or deep understanding of social media, that’s exactly what you’re doing. With the right strategy, you can use social media channels successfully to build brand awareness and engage with your customers.

Achieving positive engagement, an increase in followers, and improved shareability starts with building a social media strategy that is unique to your business.

Build a custom social media strategy for your audience.

To develop and drive your social media marketing, we offer an in-depth discovery process that explores your long-term goals, preferred messaging style, and ideal target audience. Our strategic approach includes:

  • Providing a social media audit to review existing channels and content
  • Competitive reviews on competitor’s social media accounts
  • Keyword and hashtag research
  • Identifying unique approaches for each social media channel

Let us help you get started!

Not sure about social media?

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Why social media for B2B?

Build Thought Leadership

LinkedIn has become the best social media channel for B2B leaders to reach their target audience while in the right mindset. Offer your insights on other industry leaders’ posts and share your own content, from blog posts to eBooks, webinars, and company success stories.

Educate Customers

With younger managers and VPs at companies, the individuals within your target marketing are using social media to research possible B2B investments. Sharing your blog articles and pages on your social media channels gives prospects the information they need, right where they’re already looking.

Build Brand Awareness

By strategically using social media platforms, you can create brand awareness by sharing your own branded content or commenting on posts from industry influencers. Build trust and a rapport with your customers by quickly responding to customer inquiries via social channels.

Invest in the right social media tools to grow your business.

Social media can be a major part of your digital marketing efforts. We can help you utilize the right channels and get results. Our approach to social media will help you increase engagement, expand your follower list, and develop an improved online presence that will help you grow your business