AI-Powered Digital Marketing at Scale is On the Way: HubSpot Content Assistant & ChatSpot 

HubSpot is bringing AI powered tools to digital marketing.

Last week our digital marketing software partner HubSpot announced something VERY big — actually TWO very big, AI-powered digital marketing tools: Content Assistant and

Both are in testing as I write this, but HubSpot’s done something I’ve been waiting for: They’ve given true added-value marketing capabilities to AI. While I’m waiting to put them to use here at StitchDX, let me share the top-line for each:

HubSpot Content Assistant 

I’ve never doubted that AI is far more than just the latest “shiny new toy.” And we can all probably agree that the stratospheric rise of ChatGPT demonstrates that the future is here (or, if you’re a skeptic, the genie is out of the bottle).

But I don’t want a new toy, shiny or otherwise. I’ve been waiting for the application that demonstrates AI will add appreciable value to my workday. HubSpot Content Assistant, powered by OpenAI’s GPT model, looks to be that application.

With suitable prompting from you, Content Assistant can:

  • Generate lists of blog topics to support your content pillar strategy.
  • Outline blog posts, with a hierarchy of persuasion points that you can manipulate.
  • Fill in your outline with authoritative paragraph content.
  • Write prospecting emails that accelerate interest in your brand.
  • Draft marketing email campaigns that support your lead generation strategy.

This demo video gives a tempting taste of what’s to come for us content strategists and creators lucky enough to work in HubSpot:

Locate the orange box at the top right of this page to get on the beta test wait list. [UPDATE: I woke up this morning to an email from HubSpot telling me I’ve been added to the beta testing group. Pretty awesome — I’ve got an email campaign to write when I’m done here.] 

StitchDX Big Book of SEO CTA 

We’re a HubSpot partner because we know of no other CRM/marketing automation platform that delivers such a combination of robust sales/marketing/service tools that are easy to use and can be had within practically any budget. makes working with HubSpot and all its integrated tools easier — light years easier, as demonstrated in depth by co-founder Darmesh Shah. I encourage you to carve out 20 minutes today to watch. I promise, ChatSpot will astound you.

(Don’t have 20 minutes? Here’s a 50-second introduction:

I noted above that Content Assistant impresses me as an application I can use every day for content strategizing and creation. I see ChatSpot as an “always on” tool for marketing, sales, analysis/reporting, service, and all manner of CRM tasks.

As a conversational bot, ChatSpot will give users back hours every work week (my words, not HubSpot’s) by simplifying and speeding up such tasks as:

  • Prospecting — “Find medical device companies in Massachusetts with more than 200 employees.”
  • Lead management — “Add to Contacts.”
  • Follow-up — “Write a thank-you email to Byron at QBY Corp.”
  • Status updates — “Which prospects haven’t yet gotten that sales sequence?”
  • Reporting — “Show me our CTA performance metrics for Q1 2023.”
  • Forecasting — “List the deals closing this month with projected services revenue.”

Just by typing in a command in conversational language.

ChatSpot’s superpower is its ability to mine information in your CRM and from across the web, and in seconds integrate them and present the view you’re after. (Darmesh gives some head-turning examples in his demo.) And just as quickly, ChatSpot can export the information you’ve asked for to a Google Doc, Sheet, or Slide for you to format as you please. 

Locate the white box at the top right of this page to get on the ChatSpot alpha wait list. 

Content Assistant and ChatSpot are on the horizon, but we can answer your HubSpot questions anytime.

As a longtime HubSpot partner, we’re excited about any advancement in their technology — we’re both about helping brands grow and thrive. If you have any questions about HubSpot — how it can help your business now, what kind of value these new AI tools will add — please send a message to our Digital Marketing team or click the orange chat button below right.

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