Clarify and Amplify your Brand Message: 8 Ways to Digitally Reach Your Perfect Audiences

In previous articles, we’ve introduced our philosophy on Digital Experiences, outlining our 3-stage, brand-centered approach to solution development:

    • Define & Align—Craft a strong brand message that identifies who you are, what you do, and who you do it for.
    • Clarify & Amplify—Effectively communicate your message to your audiences, unifying mission and vision with action.
    • Land & Expand—Understand the data and metrics to fine-tune growth drivers, optimizing and capturing every opportunity.

That first step, having a sharp brand message and collateral, is critical in setting your business up for success. But just by itself, a well-defined and -aligned brand won’t guarantee success. That’s where the next step, spreading that message to the right people, comes in.

First, “Clarify” your brand message for your audiences.

If “Define & Align” focuses on your organization’s raison d’etre—“who we are, what we do, who we do it for—then “Clarify & Amplify” shifts the focus to the individuals (outside and inside your organization) with whom you engage:

  • “Who really cares about our brand?”
  • “How does our message resonate with them?”
  • “How are we addressing their needs?”
  • “How do we solve their pain points?

Put another way: In the “Define & Align” stage you establish “what WE’re all about.”

We pioneered cotton/synthetic blend travel clothing that dries fast, doesn’t wrinkle, and feels like natural linen.

When you “Clarify” you flip the perspective of your messages to explain “how YOU can benefit by engaging with us.”

Wash it after lunch, hang it up, and you’re ready to dress up for dinner—AND you’ll swear you’re wearing soft, natural linen.

Now your audiences are living in your brand—which is what you want, right?

Clarify inside AND out.

Shifting the emphasis from WE to YOU helps focus the attention on the people:

  • Your customers, who find value in their relationship with your business or nonprofit
  • The employees and partners that make your business or nonprofit valuable.

Clarifying your brand message to your external audiences isn’t enough. It’s vital to provide that same clarity in-house, optimizing your internal communications to further align your people.

Why? Because heads-down organizations can become bubbles where in-house language becomes deeply ingrained, clouds your brand message, and creates brand dilution at points of customer engagement.

Keeping your message clear for your internal and external audiences means everyone speaks a single, unified language all the time—and your message gains strength as it builds momentum. If your people are a choir, having everyone singing from the same sheet of music (even if they don’t all sing the same parts) results in harmony and synchronicity.

Amplifying your brand message across your digital channels

Sticking to that musical analogy: If your choir is singing at the top of their lungs on every street corner about how great your brand is, it might get you some positive attention and traction. More likely, it will just annoy people and leave your teams tired and hoarse.

Here’s where your digital channels can serve as a concert hall, tuning your message to the folks who are most likely to respond positively. And beyond volume, digital provides consistency, frequency, reach, response, flexibility, and measurability.

Here are 8 ways you can leverage digital to amplify your brand message to all your people:

  1. Content Strategy—”Amplify” starts here. What are your objectives? Who are you speaking to? Where are they on the buyer’s journey? What type of content will click with them?
  2. Social Media—Easy and free (with paid options), social not only empowers you to broadcast your brand message over appropriate channels, but also allows you to strengthen it through audience interaction.
  3. MarTech Stack—Your website, social media, email, blog, video content, CRM, CMS, data, and analytics tools: All the technology you use to send your brand message to the world and see who’s responding.
  4. Marketing Automation—Set up workflows to apply consistent brand messaging at all points of audience contact: Emails, landing pages, content offers, blog posts, etc.
  5. Lead Scoring and Nurturing—Deliver audience-appropriate messaging all along the buyer’s journey—and bring the hottest leads to the attention of your sales team.
  6. SEM—Amplify your brand message through higher Google and Bing rankings.
  7. Sales Process—Carry your brand message consistently from marketing campaigns to sales efforts, all the way to close and beyond.
  8. Digital Workplace—Reinforce your brand message through consistent internal communication on an intranet that boosts employee engagement and productivity.

Your next mission: Land & Expand

In the final stage of the StitchDX process for building digital solutions, the data you gathered when amplifying your brand message takes a starring role. We’ll go into deep detail in a post coming soon. But you don’t have to wait—reach out to us anytime to learn more.