Clearbox Report: Powell Intranet Among 2023’s Highest-Value Solutions.

Clearbox Consulting has identified Powell Intranet as one of the top 3 highest value intranet solutions for 2023. Their recently published annual report, Intranet and Employee Experience Platforms, highlights 30 of the most popular Intranet platforms, including SharePoint-based and non-SharePoint-based systems. With 7 years of reporting, Clearbox has established a reputation as an authoritative resource for organizations choosing technology platforms.

When choosing an intranet, knowledge is power.

The company intranet has become indispensable, especially as organizations continue to redefine their workplaces in the wake of the pandemic. With greater demands on technology to keep employees engaged, organized, and connected, having a single source of truth that unifies communication, social interactions, onboarding, and information sharing is critical. So choosing the right intranet platform is equally critical.

Why choose Powell Intranet?

Among the 30 platforms highlighted in this report, Powell Intranet’s value-to-pricing is a clear reason for top consideration. But there are many other reasons that make it a contender. Among them, Clearbox calls out these key benefits:

  • News management is feature-rich, with a smart mix of targeting news to specific audiences and offering end users the flexibility to set their own preferences.
  • The product includes a large number of well-designed templates for sites and pages, making it quick and easy to deploy a highly usable intranet.
  • The mobile app is highly customizable, supports flexible notifications, and serves as a hub for third party apps.
  • Various attractive features for employee engagement and recognition are available.
  • Powell Manager provides powerful back-end admin functionality, to oversee deployment and management of templates and site collections.

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In addition to plenty of out-of-the-box features and functionality you won’t find in SharePoint alone, Powell Software has built a highly flexible API integration point to extend data from external sources — enabling a “single-pane-of-glass” intranet solution.

Why we choose to work with Powell Intranet

StitchDX is one of Powell Software’s premier North American implementation partners — for a reason. We believe Powell Software has built an incredibly versatile platform with high value-to-price.

After many years of working in SharePoint and seeing the different solutions available to our customers, value-to-price was a key differentiator. While other solutions provide extensive customization and features, we’ve found that most of these functionalities do not significantly add value in usability, accessibility, or management and security of data.

Additionally, we have found Powell to be incredibly responsive. This is true not only for our existing customers, but as the needs of the hybrid workplace evolve. Powell Software is consistently developing extensible features and functionality as part of the product, at no extra cost. An incredible example is their Flex Desk solution, which enables employees to book resources and spaces — all integrated into the intranet experience (and available in Microsoft Teams).

SharePoint + Powell = intranet success by every measure

As organizations look to do more with less, building an employee experience on SharePoint using Powell Intranet helps mitigate the short and long-term impact on resources — people, time, and money.

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StitchDX’s discovery-based approach to intranet implementations focuses on developing governance and strategic solutions in SharePoint and M365, to optimize organizational communication and collaboration. We have found that Powell Intranet provides a powerful framework that gives us — and our customers — the tools to build those solutions efficiently and effectively.

One more thing to know about Powell:

In 2022, Powell Software won the Microsoft Partner of the Year award in the Modern Work category. If now you’re thinking that their combination of innovation and value can power a better intranet in your organization, let’s talk soon. Contact us or click the orange chat button below right.