[EBOOK] Start growing your business faster with Marketing Automation

There are some pretty compelling stats that speak in favor of marketing automation for small and medium-size businesses:

    • 80% of marketing automation users saw their number of leads increase. (VR Insight, 2015)
    • 77% of them saw their number of conversions increase. (VR Insight, 2015)
    • And on average, business users saw a 10% increase in sales pipeline resulting from marketing automation. (Forrester Research, 2014)

Keeping that sales pipeline flowing is how businesses keep growing. So when marketing automation can provide significant, measurable improvement, doesn’t it just make business sense to take a few minutes to learn more about it?

Take the first step toward automated marketing: Download the new ebook.

StitchDX has just released its newest ebook, The Basics of Growing Your Business with Marketing Automation. As the title promises, it’s a primer on the business benefits of marketing automation—with the added bonus of a comparison guide to today’s most-used platforms.  

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It’s the perfect way to cut through the jargon and noise around the topic of marketing automation, and get an answer to the #1 question:

“How can marketing automation help my business grow sales and profits?”

When you understand Marketing Automation, it makes perfect business sense.

It’s a full-time job (with lots of overtime) just keeping a small or medium-size business operating. SMB owners and managers know the importance of a steady stream of leads, but changing marketing practices is hard—even if those practices aren’t getting great results.

In just a few minutes, you can read The Basics of Growing Your Business with Marketing Automation and discover the business advantages of a professionally implemented Marketing Automation platform. Chapters in the ebook include:

  • What is Marketing Automation? — including an explanation of lead nurturing and its business-critical importance
  • Traditional vs. Inbound Marketing
  • The Essential Features of a Marketing Automation Platform—including email, forms, lead scoring, CRM, analytics and more
  • Popular Marketing Automation Solutions—including platforms designed for small, mid-sized and enterprise-level businesses (when it comes to Marketing Automation, one size does NOT fit all!

Featured download:

The Basics of Growing Your Business with Marketing Automation

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It’s not just about keeping your sales pipeline full. It’s also about CLOSING more sales.

With an effective inbound marketing program, your sales team spends less time with “dead-end” leads, more time working qualified leads to closing. Sales close faster, and customer relationships are stronger.  Marketing automation is the linchpin, and you’ll understand its business benefits in the StitchDX ebook, The Basics of Growing Your Business with Marketing Automation. 

Every SMB wants to increase sales effectiveness—and inbound marketing programs powered by marketing automation are increasingly recognized as highly cost-effective solutions. Feel free to contact the StitchDX team with any questions you may have, and be sure to download the ebook here.