Why HubSpot Marketing Professional is Worth the Upgrade

If your organization is going to outgrow HubSpot Marketing Starter, look no further than HubSpot Marketing Professional. From enhanced chat capabilities to workflow functionalities, HubSpot Marketing Pro can help you elevate your existing marketing campaigns.

Building on your existing marketing software.

Recently, I wrote about the impressive powerhouse that is HubSpot Marketing Starter. Marketing Starter is the cost-friendly option for companies looking to invest in marketing automation. HubSpot Marketing Starter already comes with a hefty toolkit right off the bat that includes email automation and landing page builder.

These tools are more than capable of helping SMBs start and run their marketing campaigns to drive lead generation and business growth – but marketing starter has its limits. There’s no easier way to grow your marketing toolkit than upgrading the one you already know and love.

Use HubSpot Pro to create more engaging chatbots for your website visitors.

Both HubSpot Free and Marketing Starter come with chatbot functionality. With Marketing Pro, you can create a chatflow that has specific responses that vary based on what someone asks. Using the if/then branches available in chatflows, you can customize the options a user sees after they make a selection in the chat.

We use this in our own chatbot – options change depending on whether the user is looking for Digital Marketing or Digital Workplace assistance. This way, we can make sure prospects are getting the information they want, right from the start.

Getting more done with less work using customized workflows.

Within Marketing Starter, you can set up simple email automation to follow up with users who fill out your HubSpot form. If you’re looking to create more engaging and customized workflows to stay in touch with your customers (or just to better organize your database), HubSpot Workflows is the tool you have been waiting for.

With the Workflows available in HubSpot Marketing Professional, you can create personalized campaigns that react to the actions your prospects and customers take. Beyond a confirmation email following the completion of any form, you can continue to target your prospects with relevant content. If they click certain links, you can reach out again with more information, or add them to a specific list.

You have more avenues to access data that can bolster your CRM and improve your targeting for better marketing effectiveness. If asked, I could talk for hours on the life-changing capabilities associated with HubSpot Workflows – but I think you get it.

Create, manage, and analyze your social media content in HubSpot Marketing Professional.

When trying to run your marketing campaigns on a budget, you might need to manage your social media and email campaigns on separate platforms. While bouncing between two different platforms is doable, it means you have to work harder to align your campaigns, and you need to collect data from multiple sources.

Let StitchDX connect your SMB to the power of HubSpot marketing automation.

In HubSpot Marketing Professional, you can build your campaign and publish social right from your HubSpot account. Talk about organized – from writing social posts to analyzing each account’s effectiveness, you can truly manage and improve your social media in one central location.

HubSpot also offers out-of-the-box social reports that compare different campaigns, platforms, and more.

Analyze and improve SEO on your landing pages and blog posts.

HubSpot’s SEO tool will scan your URL and offer recommendations on how you can improve your site’s ranking and your user experience. It offers insight into seven different SEO categories:

  • Accessibility
  • Crawling and indexing
  • Mobile Experience
  • On-page SEO
  • Performance
  • Security
  • User Experience

For example, on-page SEO evaluates your website’s title tags, alt text, and meta description on each page then offers possible solutions. Using the Google Search Console Integration, you can also get topic suggestions based on relevance, competition, and popularity. This will help you decide which topics will translate to an increase in website traffic.

Build custom reports that can analyze the data your organization needs.

In HubSpot Marketing Starter, you have access to multiple pre-made standard reports that analyze your marketing efforts and help your organization make more informed decisions. When moving to HubSpot Marketing Professional, you’ll be able to create your own custom reports that can compare data from the Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, Service Hub, and your CRM.

Using HubSpot Reporting, you can better understand which channels are driving traffic, contact growth, revenue, team activity, and countless other reports. You can set up dashboards to reflect the reports you want to see and constantly stay on top of your organization’s marketing efforts.

So, is HubSpot Marketing Professional worth it for your SMB? Let’s talk.

While you’re growing your business and building a marketing budget, HubSpot Marketing Starter is a great starting point. As your business evolves and your marketing needs increase, upgrading to Marketing Pro will help you amplify your marketing efforts in a platform you’re familiar with.

By investing in HubSpot, you’ll back your organization with everything your marketing team needs to grow your business and outshine your competition. Reach out with any questions or click the orange chat button.