INBOUND 2022: My Top 3 Takeaways

Last week, I finally made it to my first-ever INBOUND, HubSpot’s biggest marketing conference, and networking event. An inspiring in-person event in Boston, and three weeks later, I’m still reeling from my entire experience.

I discovered an abundance of information, current trends, and new ways of thinking at INBOUND, which I could use to write an entire book. Knowing that I’d only sell two copies (thanks Mom and Dad), please check out my highlights of INBOUND 2022.

1. The networking opportunities at INBOUND – They were ??

The overarching theme at INBOUND this year was building connections with your customers, your employees, or like-minded people in your field. You do this by sharing (or discussing) similar interests and relevant content. Throughout INBOUND, the desire and excitement to finally network in person (and for some of us, for the first time since early 2020) was palpable.

At INBOUND, I met remarkable, empowered women currently working (and might I add killing it) in their fields. As a young woman early in my career, meeting other women in marketing who have been where I am, and made something for themselves, was wildly inspiring.

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2. Email tips (and terrible slides) that I started practicing immediately

Jay Schwedelson was, in my opinion, one of the most entertaining speakers at INBOUND. His slides? Atrocious. His energy? Captivating. His advice? Immediately useful.

Some tips just made sense – I’m almost upset that I haven’t been doing them from the beginning. Others were current trends and insights that are showing increased open rates right now. These are some of my favorites:

  • Start finding ways to include ‘Tomorrow’ in your subject lines – it leads to a 28% open rate increase.
  • CHECK YOUR PAGE SPEED – Redirects that take longer than 3 seconds to load lead to a 37% higher abandon rate.
  • Ask your customers for feedback – Destination pages with client testimonies have a 20-25% higher conversion rate.
  • Talking about 2022 is out – “Outlook 2023” in subject lines is killing it.

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3. Boost your LinkedIn marketing efforts with best practices from experts.

Throughout my 3 days at INBOUND, I was privy to insider information from LinkedIn representatives and experts. The advice they shared is easy to understand and (relatively) easy to implement. It could be what your content distribution strategy desperately needs to succeed.

A deeper dive into what works best for LinkedIn

I’ve been talking about ways to get the most out of LinkedIn for a little while now and I was thrilled to learn more about LinkedIn at INBOUND.

These are the top tips we learned during their sessions:

  • Call out your audience in your LinkedIn posts (examples include: Inside advice for “B2B Marketers”, Hey “medtech startups”, check this out) – you’ll see a 53% increase in click-through rates when addressing your audience.
  • Emotional ads and content are proven to deliver more revenue, profit, and market share growth (remember – you’re marketing to other humans).
  • Use LinkedIn Lead Gen forms – you can sync your data straight to HubSpot and provide your audience with a seamless experience on the platform.

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The end result: building trust within your disconnected customers.

Throughout these insanely packed three days, building long-term connections was the theme of INBOUND 2022. COVID left many of us feeling disconnected, and with a high level of digital fatigue in many of our customers.

Today, you need to bring context to your marketing communications. Old go-to-market strategies like cold calling and blasting random names with emails no longer fly – they seem out of touch and lack the respect for privacy we all expect. At INBOUND, speakers talked about how the HubSpot flywheel can be your model for a connected customer growth strategy.

Want to become more connected with your customers, reach your audience, and overall, just bring it when it comes to your marketing? Give us a shout – we’d love to help.