LinkedIn’s Latest Updates Will Impact Content Marketers

In case you missed it, LinkedIn recently launched some big, new features. The latest enhancements represent the site’s next move as it seeks to become as relevant to content marketers and those responsible for distributing content, as it is to job seekers.

Here’s what’s coming at LinkedIn:

  • Multi-photo Posts
    Now you can elect and upload multiple images to a single post— great for uploading multiple slides or giving more context to an event! It’s only available on iOS for now, but LinkedIn promises the feature for Android and desktop soon.
  • Native Video
    Record and upload video directly within the LinkedIn app ( I have yet to see whether they’ll autoplay video like Facebook). This feature is available to select users for now, but will be rolling out to the public over time.
  • Logged-out Views of All Posts
    Finally, you can share content beyond LinkedIn’s walls—even if you’re not logged into the site! Grab the post’s URL from the control menu and share it on Facebook, Twitter, and beyond.
  • Share a Draft
    Because sometimes you’re just not ready to really share your thoughts to the whole world. Get feedback on your article before you publish it! This is a great collaboration feature for teams who share the responsibility of building content.
  • Disable Comments
    If you have to have ultimate control, LinkedIn will now give you the option to turn off comments on articles you post.

LinkedIn is finally staking a claim in the social sharing economy.

LinkedIn now recognizes that content is the currency of that economy (they have long lagged behind other social sites in terms of types of content you can share). But this seems like a step in the right direction. Particularly interesting to marketers will be the ability to (finally) share video and add more than one image to a post. But the most exciting addition is undoubtedly the new ability to distribute that content across all those other venues.

What’s your take? Do you see yourself using these new features to advance your organization’s marketing efforts?