Mind-Blowing HubSpot AI Features Announced at INBOUND 2023

During INBOUND 2023, HubSpot unveiled the brand-new “HubSpot AI” features in the Marketing, Sales, and Services Hubs. AI was the overarching theme of INBOUND, but with a necessary focus: how can AI help us be better connected to our audiences and better serve our customers?

I live primarily in the HubSpot Marketing Hub, so I’ll focus on the new tools available there. If you’re interested in the new HubSpot AI features in the Sales and Services Hubs, let us know!

Introducing HubSpot’s AI Tools

HubSpot’s new AI tools completely change how SMBs run their marketing campaign and empower these businesses to deliver better customer experiences. The tools in HubSpot Marketing Hub could turn a 1-man marketing team into a well-oiled content-generating machine.

ChatSpot: Your AI-powered employee from HubSpot

I’m one of those people who says “thank you” to my Alexa when she answers my questions. I appreciate the help, and her human-like responses are one of the reasons I keep her on my kitchen counter.

These robot-esque devices and AI tools like ChatGPT complete tasks for us, provide new information, organize data, and can now create digital content from our prompts. ChatSpot is the latest conversational AI tool, backed by HubSpot’s expert business insights, templates, and strategies, and can help you efficiently execute marketing campaigns.

Currently in public beta, ChatSpot is designed to:

  • Generate written content, like blog posts, emails, and social media content
  • Generate images
  • Analyze website SEO
  • Summarize content, like YouTube videos and articles
  • Complete actions with CRM records, like updating contacts, deals, and tickets in your HubSpot CRM

The ChatSpot AI assistant can take hours of work off your shoulders. Anyone (HubSpot user or not) can use ChatSpot, but you’ll get way more use out of the AI tool by connecting it to your HubSpot account. (Don’t have an account? We’ve got you covered – our marketing team can set you up on HubSpot ASAP.

New call-to-action

Ramp up your content calendar with HubSpot’s AI Blog Creation tool.

If you’ve used ChatGPT before, you’re familiar with the capabilities (and limitations) of an AI-generated blog, from simple grammar mistakes to a lack of SEO strategy, and usually, the result is a far cry from your company’s usual brand voice.

With HubSpot AI Blog Creation, the tool works with you, and in return gives you so much more to work with.

Here’s a look at how it works:

  • Provide the AI-powered blog post generator a prompt (ex. Write a blog post on why cats are great pets for new homeowners)
  • Following your prompt, the generator will use SEMrush data and search for the best SEO-friendly blog post titles. These will be listed by monthly search volume and include ranking difficulty.
  • After selecting the title, the blog post generator will provide an SEO-friendly outline that includes a description and paragraph headers that boost your blog’s search engine optimization.
  • After making any necessary changes to the headers, click “Generate blog post” and voila – HubSpot AI delivers a search-optimized blog post that even veteran writers will be proud of.

The AI-generated post can be a great starting point. You can continue to use HubSpot AI while working within your blog post, rewriting paragraphs based on tone, creating new paragraphs, or jumping right in to make your own edits. Just keep a lookout for the lightning bolt symbol in the HubSpot blog – this means it’s an AI-powered feature.

Hot Tip: Lighten the load on your design team by trying the AI Image Assistant in HubSpot – it can create a plethora of different images based on your blog content.

HubSpot dove headfirst into the possibilities of AI. You can use these tools to save countless hours and to do your job even better.

At INBOUND 2023, HubSpot released several new AI features created to help SMBs build better connections with their customers. These new features can help you streamline blog content creation and put more time into connecting with your customers. AI doesn’t just make your job a little easier – it can help you refocus on your #1 goal. Creating unique, genuine, human connections with your customers, and helping them achieve their goals.

Our team can set you up on HubSpot or walk you through its latest AI features. Contact our Digital Marketing team or click the orange chat button below right to learn more.