[NEW WORK] Fresh off the assembly line: A new website for New England’s #1 commercial & emergency truck distributor!

Minuteman Trucks is ready to service new and existing customers through dynamic integration with Saleforce.com and Pardot marketing automation, plus a sophisticated online Parts store deployed on WooCommerce.

ALL OF US AT STITCHDX are excited to announce the launch of a completely new website and ecommerce platform for Minuteman Trucks of Walpole, Mass. The site brings complete and robust digital marketing and retail capabilities to Minuteman, the leading dealer of commercial, fire and rescue trucks in New England.

A Ford F550 Truck as shown by the Minuteman Trucks website with Salesforce integration.Minuteman approached StitchDX wanting an entirely new online presence that would engage visitors, provide a competitive advantage, accelerate sales and nurture service relationships. Through close collaboration with the Minuteman team, we’ve created an innovative website that showcases their leadership in the marketplace.

Doing more for operations, sales and serviceThe new site, www.minutemantrucks.com, has been developed for greatly expanded capabilities, including:

  • A completely responsive build, enabling full functionality for mobile users such as drivers and fleet maintenance managers
  • True, full ecommerce and shopping cart functionality, with WooCommerce and PayPal integration
  • Dynamic inventory display
  • Salesforce.com integration for vehicle inventory management
  • Ease of content creation and site maintenance through customized WordPress modules such as Pods
  • Full form integration and data capture using Pardot
  • Hosting by StitchDX

Visit the new Minuteman Trucks website.

A Delco Remy Hinge Mount Alternator as presented on the Minuteman Trucks WooCommerce enabled website.

Erick Straghalis, principal and creative director at StitchDX, detailed some of the new site’s many client benefits: “Especially exciting is the mobile experience—Minuteman is now pushing so much more practical, actionable functionality like parts ordering directly into the hands of mobile users. The Minuteman team also now has greater access and flexibility in managing, editing and expanding their site. They can go in themselves and leverage specialized content across lines of business in the most timely manner possible. And we’re optimizing individual truck inventory pages, so Minuteman will be able to more accurately attribute sales directly to the website.”

Creating opportunities to accelerate business results

A business like Minuteman Trucks runs on relationships. SMBs keep those relationships strong when they’re able to respond rapidly to clients’ needs—in the case of Minuteman Trucks, the needs are for service, parts and inventory selection. Minuteman is now maximizing their digital presence to advance all aspects of their business and stay out front in their market, cementing their existing client relationships and forging new ones.

You’re invited to explore the new Minuteman Trucks site yourself and discover the digital capabilities that StitchDX brings to small and medium-size businesses. We’d love to know what you think, so leave your feedback in the comments section.

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