Website Checkup: Ask These 10 Quick Questions

Time for a website checkup - ask these 10 questions.

Your website is and always will be your #1 marketing and sales asset. But is it driving revenue into your business like you need it to? Try this website checkup — a quick (but probably overdue) performance review — right now. These 10 critical questions will shed light on your site’s strengths and weaknesses.

#1: Is your site optimized for mobile users?

People accessing the Internet with their phones represent more than half of all Internet traffic. That’s why Google prioritizes the mobile version of your site in its search rankings.

#2: Can Google find your site?

If search engines can’t find your site, then neither can your potential customers. The solution lies in foundational SEO best practices plus attention to the ever-changing Google algorithm.

#3: Does your website attract new sales leads?

It’s what your #1 marketing and sales asset should be doing 24/7, right? If someone’s interested in what you’re selling, it should be easy for them to “put their hand up” and start a conversation with your sales team.

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#4: Are visitors spending “quality time” on your site?

Once visitors arrive, your site needs to keep them there with content that grabs their interest and steers them to even more. This serves two purposes:

  1. It reinforces the perceived expertise of your company.
  2. It advances visitors closer to a sale.

#6: Do you know how visitors are finding your site?

Organic search? Paid search? Email? Social media? When you know the answers you can do more of what works and stop doing the things that don’t get results.

#7: Have you updated your content recently?

Your company doesn’t sit still. Neither should your website. Keep it current with content about new or updated products, new services, special events, customer success stories — and of course, regular blog posts about these and other topics.

#8: Is it easy to edit and add content?

There’s no reason it shouldn’t be. Modern website platforms combine code-free updating with robust business data features. Members of your team with authorization can keep your site up-to-date without knowing any code.

#9: Is your brand clearly and consistently represented?

Yes, your site is your #1 marketing and sales asset. It’s also where nearly everyone gets their first impression of your brand. Graphics, color palette, images, and messaging are all elements of your brand presentation. User experience factors in, too: Is your site as easy to engage with as your company is?

#10: Is your site ready for the worst?

Maybe this should be Question #1. As important as all the other questions I’ve raised is this: Is your website prepared for security threats and infrastructure failures? More to the point, are your preparations up-to-date and compliant?

Add up your answers.Website checkup add up your score.

Give yourself one point for each “Yes.” How’d you score?

9-10 “Yes” answers: Your site’s in strong shape, but we’ll say this: Even a “10” site can be improved to drive more revenue.

6-8 “Yes” answers: Your site’s on the right road, but keep your foot on the gas to increase your “Yes” tally — and revenue potential.

4-5 “Yes” answers: “Just OK.” Even if you had 50% “Yes” answers, your site is achieving far less than half of its true potential.

0-3 “Yes” answers: There’s good news: Most of the work you need to do might not be all that heavy a lift, especially with the right kind of help.

We wrote the eBook on more effective websites.

Revised and updated, 10 Critical Questions You Should Ask About Your Website takes you deeper in each part of the website checkup you just took. Download it to learn about incremental and wholesale changes that can unleash more of your site’s lead-generating, revenue-driving potential.

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When our Digital Marketing team builds a website, the answer to every one of these questions is an emphatic “Yes.” We see them all as core functions of any site that’s expected to play a significant role in revenue generation. If you’re ready for your website to become a “perfect 10,” send us a message or click the orange chat button at bottom right.

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