Why Employee Engagement MUST Matter More to Marketers

For digital marketers, customer engagement is a critical factor for success. But few marketers spend the time to consider engagement. If your KPIs rely on customer engagement (and they most certainly should!), then you need to pay closer attention to employee engagement too.

Lead generation, website traffic, SEO optimization, paid advertising, social media — these traditional marketing metrics are all primarily driven by one thing: Engagement.

Engagement is the underlying factor that’s critical to a digital marketer’s success. While the demand for greater marketing and sales alignment is palpable, KPIs such as Net Promoter Score and Customer Lifetime Value are increasingly being tied to more operational parts of the organization beyond sales.

The Case For Organizational – Not Just Sales – Alignment

This particular trend of tying marketing KPIs to organizationally driven metrics (rather than just marketing or sales metrics) means marketing needs to pay greater attention to the engagement customers have with the organization as a whole.

Why? Because the very outcomes marketers are promoting are largely reliant on the experiences their audiences have with the rest of the organization.

Marketers may be accountable for ensuring customers and prospects are inspired and compelled to engage in brand promises. But it’s up to the rest of the organization to actually live up to those promises.

Salespeople, customer service representatives, support staff, engineers, designers, developers — and even more traditional back-office roles like finance, HR, and legal — all contribute to creating the ideal customer experience. One bad employee experience within the organization can easily spiral into a bad customer experience too.

As digital marketers, we’re careful to craft digital experiences that represent the features and benefits of our products and services to our audiences in the best possible light.  We promote the values of our organization and the brand promise, to set the expectation for what the customer experience should be like.


We should be just as invested in crafting digital experiences that empower our colleagues to meet those expectations.

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