Digital Marketing

Boston Digital Content Marketing. Drive customer engagement, generate leads, accelerate sales.

When you can’t engage with your customers in person, Digital Content Marketing does the work to deliver the business results you’re after.

StitchDX brings together the right Digital Content Marketing technology tools for your goals and budget, then applies them strategically through our range of services:

WordPress website design and development

WordPress is the premium website and blogging platform that we recommend exclusively to our customers as the cornerstone of their Digital Content Marketing strategy. Templates with mobile-ready themes, available SEO, e-commerce and other plug-ins, and easy editing result in full-featured, responsive websites that your team can update as needed.

Boston Digital Content Marketing Wordpress website development
Boston Digital content marketing Hubspot partner

HubSpot marketing automation

The typical SMB or nonprofit doesn’t have the bandwidth or headcount to strategize and execute effective marketing campaigns. HubSpot meets the need with powerful, fast-to-learn, easy-to-use digital content marketing tools. At the core of their full stack of marketing, sales, and customer service software is a CRM that’s completely free. Excellent user support, too.

Social media marketing strategy and implementation

With the median age of VP’s and C-suite business members slowly dropping, building a marketing campaign with social media is a must. StitchDX’s approach to social media marketing explores your business’s ideal audience, the best channels, and how to achieve your growth goals faster.