4 Ways to Market your Startup More Effectively — Starting NOW

As a busy entrepreneur and business owner, it’s easy for marketing to slip. Getting your innovation in front of investors early on is just as necessary as getting it in front of potential customers. Check out these four ways you can start marketing your startup today.

1. Build a website that tells investors what you’re doing – and why.

Building a website around your technology can feel like a very low to-do list item when it comes to your success. Instead, your website is a 24/7 digital storefront where investors, customers, or the press can learn more about your technology.

Throughout your journey, a website can serve multiple purposes at once. Even the simplest website can explain what your product is, what it can do, and what gap it is filling in your industry. Your website becomes the trusted source for up-to-date information on your technology.

Your website can also house all contact information for you and your team members. Making the right connections is key when it comes to the continued advancement of your healthcare solution – ensure they can easily find all the relevant information.

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2. Keep your company top of mind – follow up after networking events.

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” This statement is true enough when it comes to in-person networking events – but what about your second, third, and fourth impressions? Timely and relevant follow-up can be instrumental in securing investors, and eventually your ideal customers.

This is where email marketing automation becomes a necessity. It’s a powerful asset for keeping track of your contacts, emails, and interest. We recommend using a cost-friendly (but insanely powerful) tool like HubSpot to manage your strategic outreach. They have a stacked budget-friendly option for startups, aptly named HubSpot Starter. (You can join us in September for a deeper dive on how you can use HubSpot to market your startup!)

Our customer M2D2’s LinkedIn post sharing a visit to their facilities.

Increase your visibility with investors and customers using social media.

Social media is another critical piece of your marketing outreach strategy. I highly recommend using this approach for multiple reasons:

  • The platforms are FREE, and you can start posting on your company accounts today
  • LinkedIn is ripe with investors and fellow business owners in a similar state of mind – post-networking follow-up is very welcome here.
  • You can use social media to share all types of content – success stories, information on your product, what you need next as a startup, etc.
  • Follow up with fellow entrepreneurs or investors 1:1 networking events.

Social media can be the perfect tool to share your successes with your network. Check out how M2D2 resident company BioSens8 shared their recent news.

3. Take it one step further – use digital marketing tools (like LinkedIn and email) to share your significant milestones and success stories!

I mentioned this a little bit earlier, but it’s something that I believe startups can truly take advantage of. As a new business owner, you often accomplish difficult feats and reach impressive milestones. These stories and events can be hugely successful content fodder for your social media posts, email outreach, and website.

Investors need to know what type of funding you might be looking for, and customers need to know where they can find your product (if it’s available straight to consumers). Start using your social media channels and your email outreach to share important updates and news regarding your startup.

4. Finally, and we can’t stress this enough – just start putting your WHY out there.

All startups (especially ones developing healthcare innovations) have a personal story, moment, or loss that inspires and drives the founders. The reason WHY you chose to create your new product or service, and WHY you think it’s important.

Sharing your WHY openly with investors, your possible customers, and other entrepreneurs will help people connect with your product. Regardless of what you are trying to promote, sell or grow, you’ll always be interacting with other people. People that can relate to your story, find value in your experience, and invest in your product.

Share your WHY on social media, as blog posts, or within pages on your website. Make people remember what you’re doing, and why you are passionate about it.

Adding social media to your digital marketing toolkit?

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Implement game-changing marketing hacks for your startup.

Taking the next step toward marketing your startup can be as easy as trying out one of these four tips. If you’re still not sure where to start – don’t worry! Reach out with any questions and we’ll connect you with one of our digital marketing experts.

You can also join me in Lowell on September 21st for a deeper dive on how you can use martech tools like HubSpot to promote your technology.