Cash Flow Got You Down?

As Americans we hear so much negative news each and every day. I’ve spoken to clients, friends, fellow business owners and many others that “business is good, cash flow is terrible.” It’s truly crazy that with all the bank bailout talk that cash is still tight and that banks won’t lend unless you don’t really need the money. Crazy.

Recently I heard from an old colleague who is now working at a company that provides Accounts Receivable Factoring Services. It was pretty interesting to listen to him speak about their products and services. They are truly helping small and medium-sized businesses access their receivables almost immediately. It sounds like such a simple concept. I’m sure many businesses would love to learn more about quick cash flow solutions.

Not sure why I chose to write about this tonight but for our friends out there that are doing business but waiting on their AR to clear up. Try AmeriFactors. It may just save you some headaches.

Obviously nothing really helps a business that isn’t peforming but if you’re billing and receiving your money a few weeks earlier would help improve your focus and morale, you may want to check them out.