Website eBook: Revised and Updated “10 Critical Questions You Should Ask”

Every SMB’s website can do a better job of driving revenue into the organization. Just released, the revised and updated StitchDX website eBook, 10 Critical Questions You Should Ask About Your Website (Right Now), was published to give leaders an easy assessment of their sites’ strengths and weaknesses — and how to improve both.

Revised and updated for an era of profound change.

The “pandemic changed everything” can feel like such a cliché at this point. But it’s absolutely true when it comes to websites, if only for a single reason:

For most companies, their digital presence — their websites — became their only market presence. Their websites suddenly had to become their stores and more. Catalogs, salespeople, menus, check-out-counters, even community hubs were among the new roles that businesses suddenly needed their sites to play, and play well.

Fast forward to fall 2022, and the revised and updated 10 Questions website ebook encompasses the expanding responsibilities placed on your website. It’s an essential conversation starter for business leaders and marketing teams seeking steeper business growth curves.

In other words, anyone reading this page.


Don’t be afraid to make an unsparing evaluation of your website.

10 Critical Questions is strictly business, but it’s also a breezy e-page turner that you can digest in less than 10 minutes. The questions cover the essential functions that every website must perform well for business growth (and sometimes survival). Expect to be asked about:

  • How high your site ranks in Google search.
  • How smooth your site’s user experience (UX) is.
  • How well your site attracts new leads.
  • How thoroughly you can track visitor behavior on your site, from the time they “land” until the time they leave.
  • How easily your team can update your site.How ready your site is for a hack, breach, failure, or other disaster.

You might not like all your answers to the 10 Critical Questions. But think of them as gifts in the form of insights that can only improve your site’s performance.

Download the 10 Critical Questions website eBook now, return to it often.

The web doesn’t sit still, and the tactics needed to assure max performance from any website change constantly (we’re here to help you and your site keep up).

10 Critical Questions, though, is strategy-based. The questions you’ll answer address functions that your website needs to excel at now and well into the future. No matter how frequently you assess your site’s performance, 10 Critical Questions is the ideal place to begin. Download it now and keep it at hand in your marketing reference library.

We’re ready for your questions about your website.

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