HubSpot CRM Suite: The Essential Primer

here's your essential primer on the HubSpot CRM suite.
Having HubSpot in your corner means you’re building a business on a robust, all-in-one marketing automation platform that can help accelerate your company’s revenue growth. With 5 unique software hubs that can elevate your business, the possibilities are endless. Here’s the essential primer on HubSpot’s CRM Suite bundle, your introduction to this affordable martech option for all SMBs.

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The CRM Suite is available in Starter, Professional and Enterprise Plans. With this bundle, you get access to:

  • Marketing Hub
  • Sales Hub
  • Service Hub
  • CMS Hub
  • Operations Hub

Each plan gives you access to different tools within each hub. I’ll focus on the some of the major features you get when using CRM Suite Starter – and why it will be a game-changer for your business.

Attract new website visitors and nurture your leads with Marketing Hub Starter.

HubSpot Marketing Hub – my favorite HubSpot platform to use. From running impressive email campaigns to engaging your customers the moment they land on your website; you can benefit from this stacked marketing platform.

Execute and analyze marketing campaigns within HubSpot.

In Marketing Starter, you can use the drag-and-drop editor to build unique, personalized emails to continually communicate with your customers. You can use HubSpot’s premade templates or create your own, with the ability to embed images, videos, or your own HTML-coded sections. You also have access to tracked open rates, click rates, and an HTML click map that shows exactly where your customers engage with your emails.

HubSpot Marketing Starter also offers a user-friendly page builder tool that you can use to build out dynamic landing pages that can help convert leads. These pages can be connected to your existing primary domain, or the free HubSpot domain that comes with Marketing Starter.

Keep prospects engaged with personalized experiences that convert.

In the chatbot, you can customize the language, messages, contact properties you’re trying to capture, and your rapid replies. Chatbots can help push prospects toward the next step in the sales funnel, providing an engaging and personalized experience for site visitors.

One of our customers, Pierce Aluminum, uses the chatbot feature to provide visitors quick access to quote builder or contact page. Visitors who are ready to submit a quote request can be directed to the correct pages by the chatbot. Their customers now experience a cleaner, more enjoyable user experience.

While chatbots are a great resource for website visitors unsure of what to look for, you should always direct website visitors to pages that convert. Forms used strategically and in tandem with optimized landing pages are the #1 way to gather key information about your site visitors. With Marketing Starter in the CRM Suite, you can create customizable forms with follow-up email automation, to send your customers related content at the right time.

Our current customer ServiceXRG has utilized HubSpot forms to send out automated confirmation emails for their downloadable assets. With the 3 additional follow-up emails, they can send their leads related content assets later in the week, keeping their company top of mind with potential customers.

Use HubSpot Sales Starter to close more deals & bring peace of mind when it comes to your sales team.

here's your essential primer on the HubSpot CRM suite.In Sales Starter, your team has access to email templates, document management and tracking, deal pipeline, and a hassle-free meeting scheduler. By using these tools, your sales team can ensure they never miss an opportunity to connect with prospects.

Start conversations that lead to deeper and more rewarding relationships with your prospects.

HubSpot provides tools to help you amplify the tactics that work best for your business. In HubSpot Sales Starter, you can turn your best emails into reusable templates to share with your entire team. With the addition of the numerous personalization available in HubSpot, you can schedule high-performing, personalized emails to go out to your qualified leads.

Manage your sales pipeline from right within HubSpot.

Review all your deals at any stage using the Deals tab in HubSpot Sales Starter. You can utilize HubSpot automation to trigger follow-up tasks and emails based on the customers deal stage. With more automated administrative tasks, your sales team can focus on closing more deals.

Support your customers and your team on one CRM platform with HubSpot Service Hub Starter.

Tracking down customer data and previous interactions across multiple platforms takes time, and often doesn’t lead to a complete customer profile. Your team can access customer details and interactions across marketing, sales, and service experiences the HubSpot CRM Platform tracks .

With the Services ticket pipeline, your customer service team know which stage each customer is at. Prioritize critical issues and respond quickly to provide an improved customer experience.

Keep track of open tickets and customer emails to ensure fast and personalized responses.

The Service Hub Starter email notifications and tracking help your customer service team become more responsive. Identify when a customer opens an email or clicks a link and use that timeline and personalization tokens to provide a more engaging experience.

Streamline and organize your data with the addition of Operations Hub Starter.

here's your essential primer on the HubSpot CRM suite.Operations Hub provides your team with tools that connect your applications, clean up customer data and can automate business processes. You’ll gain back precious time previously dedicated to keeping your data and team members aligned. Put those hours back in where it counts – with your customers.

The Operations Hub Starter helps you run your business better behind the scenes. Keep your apps and other third-party integrations synced using HubSpot’s data sync feature. With custom field mappings and historical syncing available, you can make sure the right data is passing between different applications.

Create a dynamic, easy-to-navigate website in HubSpot CMS Hub.

The CMS Hub is a content management software designed to make your life easier when it comes to website changes, hosting, and infrastructure. The platform provides engaging website themes, an easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor, and local website development to help your team create an impressive company website.

Using CMS Hub Starter, you’ll be able to secure your website right from HubSpot – get premium hosting, content delivery network and a standard SSL certificate for your website. I can’t stress enough that you can utilize all these tools in one central location.


Surpass each of your business goals with the power of HubSpot.

Managing and running your business with the HubSpot platform is a sure-fire way to increase your chances for success. Each Hub can help your business streamline your outreach, create engaging content, and generate more leads that convert. Whether you see a use for each Hub in the HubSpot CRM Suite or want to create your own bundle, HubSpot can be the right fit for your business.

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