Consumer Package Design, Our Expertise Shines in This Review

It’s one of our jobs to keep up with our client’s online mentions and reviews. Usually the articles are very specific to their products or services. Today I was reading some of the SOUL by Ludacris product reviews and found an amazing review on Much to my surprise – but absolute enjoyment – the expert in house reviewer, Mr. David Soloman, mentions the actual package design and product presentation.

Finally a review that acknowledges that the overall consumer brand experience and the perceived value that the package adds – typically a huge difference. It’s nice to read an in-depth review that recognizes Technetium’s consumer package design expertise.

“There is a degree of excitement when opening a nicely packaged, sleek and stylish headphone.  The SOUL SL150BW fit the bill here!” – Expert In House Review – David Soloman,

The rest of the review is amazingly positive for SOUL by Ludacris’ SL150 and how amazing they sound. I’ve mentioned on Facebook and Twitter that they are the best headphones we’ve heard but this independent evaluation is a wonderful testimonial. Here is a snippet about how superior they are to the Beats by Dre model at the same price point.

“If I were picking between the Beats Solo HD and Soul SL150 in terms of sound, the SL150 wins by significant margin.  While both models offer a raised bass response (which at times feels loose and untamed) the SL150 offers far greater detail, and much purer sounding treble response.”

If you’d like to read the whole review in context and its entirety, here is the link.

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