HubSpot Vs WordPress: CMS Showdown, Round 4! Support and Training

HubSpot vs WordPress CMS
We made it– the final round in the CMS Showdown. Over the last few months, we’ve explored the key differences between HubSpot and WordPress, including the dashboards, user experience, and hosting capabilities. To close out the CMS Showdown, I’ll dig a little deeper into the support offered by both platforms. Who’s your money on?

Access to support that can improve your website’s success.

If your business isn’t working with an agency like StitchDX to help build your website, you must make sure you have access to ample support from the platform you choose. Maybe you’re working from a template, and need a couple of things changed to fit your branding. Or on the other hand, if you haven’t a clue where to start with hosting – access to support can be instrumental in your success.

That’s why identifying the best CMS platform for your business means finding the one with the support and resources your business will benefit from. If I’m being frank, both WordPress and HubSpot have fantastic resources on their products. You just need to decide how you prefer to consume your educational content.

And – if you decide to go with an agency to complete the build for you, at StitchDX, we offer training sessions, easy-to-follow user guides, and ongoing support. We do our best to make sure your team enjoys working on your website.

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Learn how to use WordPress with a support system in the thousands.

WordPress website supportWordPress has a few different options when it comes to support. You can get your questions answered:

  • By email
  • Through their help desk
  • In their knowledge base
  • Through documents for training
  • From courses or through their chatbot.

All these avenues can be helpful, but there is one place where WordPress support truly stands out above the rest: The WordPress community.

WordPress powers more than 42% of the internet and has an incredibly vast community of web designers, business owners, and marketers that use their product. It’s likely someone has run into the problem you’re experiencing. You can find helpful videos, blogs, and individuals who can answer WordPress-related questions.

Learn how to use HubSpot with excellent on-demand resources and chat support access.

Like WordPress, HubSpot has various channels you can access for support. You find more information by:
– Email
– Through their FAQs/forums
– Within the HubSpot knowledge base
– Using live chat support.

HubSpot community resources(As a HubSpot partner, we have a fantastic relationship with HubSpot support, and often reach out to HubSpot on our customer’s behalf.) HubSpot focuses much of its energy on ample training and tutorials for its users. Plus, as a member of HubSpot, you’ll have access to:
– Webinars
– Written documentation
– Videos
– Tutorials (HubSpot Academy!)

HubSpot also has a large community interested in helping others, and if you’re looking for a time-sensitive answer, you can use the chat for help.

The answer we’ve been waiting for – HubSpot CMS or WordPress?

I think both of these platforms are great assets to any business. HubSpot and WordPress both have incredibly powerful tools and capabilities, but I can admit one platform will fit your business needs better.

If you have an e-commerce website that needs some serious custom development to handle customer requests (check out our case study on Pierce Aluminum), then WordPress is your best option. A company more focused on bringing together its marketing, sales, and services teams to one platform would find immense value in a website built in HubSpot.

Finding the right CMS platform starts with acknowledging what your business needs, where you’re at financially, and how you plan to scale.

As certified HubSpot and WordPress providers, we can help you decide which platform is best for your business. We can also help you stand up an optimized website that helps drive your marketing strategies. Reach out to learn how we can help!

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