HubSpotlight: New “Make My Persona” Tool Simplifies Buyer Persona Creation

As a marketer or business owner, knowing exactly who you’re talking to when creating messages is what paves the way for stronger customer engagement. And, as we’ve previously discussed in our blog, the key to knowing your audience and properly nurturing them through your inbound strategy lies in the creation of detailed buyer personas.

Now, HubSpot has made designing Buyer Personas easier than ever. With the new Make My Persona tool, marketers can quickly generate complete personas by answering a series of simple questions about their customers.

The first fool-proof tool for creating buyer personas

Not sure how you’re going to answer those questions? That’s OK. The tool offers two branches of guidance based on whether you are discovering or creating your personas:

  1. The first is a general guide detailing what information you’ll need in order to create your authentic and ideal buyer persona. Phew! Now you know where to start.
  2. Once you have all your research, you’ll be able to get started on the next branch: a step-by-step guide to actually building a comprehensive, shareable buyer persona.

New to digital marketing? We’ll help you get started AND get great at it.

As a HubSpot Silver Partner, StitchDX is always available to answer any and all of your questions about the new HubSpot tool, buyer personas, or inbound digital marketing. Ask us about a HubSpot demo for your business—start empowering your business to find and nurture quality leads.


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While you think about fun names for your buyer personas (Stay-at-Home Dad Stanley? Loyal Larry?), download and read our eBook, the Basics of Growing your Business with Marketing Automationfor a deeper look into the importance of digital marketing for your business.