Inspirational Leadership: Challenge the Status Quo, Let Your Passion Shine

We’re all looking for a competitive advantage, or at least we should be, but how do we define what we do and why we do it? What makes your business special? These questions need to be answered so you can effectively market why people should choose you over your competition.

A few years ago I had the pleasure of witnessing Dean Minuto, partner at SalesBrain, speak about “neuromarketing” and the reasons why people make decisions. This event was a Vistage CEO summit and there were probably 100 CEOs from Central Florida companies there in attendance. Dean Minuto captured the room from his first words. Interestingly enough he had a plethora of reasons why loading people up with facts only makes the sales process more challenging. I left there that day mesmerized by “why” people buy.

Over the past few years I’ve become a true listener of Jeffrey Gitomer. His trademark statement “People don’t like to be sold, but they love to buy!”™ is priceless. We all like to buy things. As marketers it’s our job to diagnose WHY someone wants to buy your product or service. There is a passion behind what you do. It’s our job to define it, make it shine; connect with people who share your beliefs.

A few days ago a friend was discussing Simon Sinek and his book “START WITH WHY.” Simon’s views mimic closely what Dean Minuto said that day at the Vistage summit. They also greatly connect with Jeff Gitomer’s principles on why people buy.

Over the past few years Technetium has worked with many clients on their branding, marketing and overall messaging. It’s a thing of beauty when a company’s passion for WHY they do something shines through and engages people. Successful things happen when a company can translate their passion in a quick, simple, easy message that hooks their customers with an immediate connection point. Technetium’s Four A Metrics model is built on the premise that awareness must build affinity with customers to ensure they take ACTION.

This video of Simon Sinek brings us such great points about the importance of WHY people take action.