What is a Microsoft Teams Health Check and Why Do You Need One?

The pattern has become clear: Organizations, faced with the sudden, unplanned shift to remote work in 2020, encouraged the use of Microsoft Teams for collaboration and communication. Use of Teams skyrocketed. However, as usage proliferated, so did the number of teams, channels, and tabs. Over two years later, many organizations are struggling to keep track of where everything is. Enter the Teams Health Check.

It’s 2022. Do you know how many teams you have?

The real power of Microsoft Teams is its flexibility — the ability for users to create the teams, channels, and tabs they want. However, unfettered Teams usage is not ideal. Too many teams without governance can pose productivity, security, and governance risks.

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The Teams health data you need in a format that makes sense

With the Teams Health Check Dashboard, administrators get immediate, real-time insights into the potential security risks and inefficiencies lurking in their Teams instance.

The Overview tiles present the number of teams that are missing key features like owners, members, or templates. They also highlight useful information like average number of teams per user, teams with external users, or excessive file storage.

The Reports section present more detailed information that users can download and use to create action plans. Clicking into a report brings up a real-time list of the teams which meet that metric. For example, clicking on “Teams with missing owners or members” delivers a list of those teams without the right number of owners or members.

From there, you can take quick action to rectify those teams.

Elsewhere on the dashboard, Powell provides “governance tips” with helpful guidance on what to do next.

All of this information is rolled into a “governance score” that presents a single metric for benchmarking and reporting. This score reflects how well the organization:

  • Meets the governance KPIs listed at the top of the dashboard
  • Adheres to the governance recommendations.
  • Has implemented smart governance strategies

Beyond the dashboard

However, a Powell Teams Health Check is more than a dashboard. When IT admins install Powell Teams, they also receive a strategy session with our senior digital workplace strategists. During this session, our experts will review the dashboard and identify quick wins and crucial governance actions. Our strategy team can also explain how to utilize Powell Teams to set and manage governance going forward.

The goal here is not necessarily a high governance score or getting a “most improved” award. The real benefit is that administrators should have the feeling of confidence that comes from having actionable, real-time data they can use to manage Teams more effectively with the resources they have.

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