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Learn why digital transformations fail - and how to make yours successful.
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Why Digital Transformations Fail

Per McKinsey, more than 70% of digital transformation initiatives flop. That’s a LOT of time + money down the tubes. Learn how to do better.

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What is a Microsoft Teams Health Check and Why Do You Need One?

Organizations, faced with the sudden, unplanned shift to remote work in 2020, encouraged the use of Microsoft Teams for collaboration and communication. Learn if your Microsoft Teams instance has stood up to the challenge with our Microsoft Teams Health Check.

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Don’t Use Microsoft Teams As an Intranet (Do this instead)

We like to draw a bright line between collaboration on Microsoft Teams and the type of communication best served by an intranet. Here’s what to do if you think you’re asking Teams to do too much.

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How to Manage Projects with Microsoft Lists

As Teams adoption has skyrocketed, Microsoft has been working hard to make project management more efficient from within Teams. The…